Buying Guide to Infant Swings

Nothing soothes a new parent’s nerves more than a content and sleeping baby. Sometimes parents need a little help in getting their bundle of joy to sleep. An infant swing will do just that.

Before you register for or purchase a swing, be sure to do some research, in person when possible, online is the next best choice. Every swing is as different, just like our wonderful babies! Only you, as parents know which features will suit your needs and those of your baby.

In general, most require up to four “D” batteries. Be sure to include a battery recharger on your registry. The majority of are made for babies up to 25 pounds.

Baby swings are worth every penny, and if you need to skimp and save on something, don’t skimp on this. It is more important to purchase the swing that has all of the features you need. The following should be considered:

1. Direction – Some move in either a cradle-like motion or in a traditional back and forth motion, others move in both.

2. Adjustable Speeds – As your baby grows, you will need to adjust the speed to counteract your baby’s weight. The more speeds it has, the more “growth-friendly” it is.

3. Music, Adjustable Volume – Many swings play soothing music or sounds of nature. Swings with only one or two volume settings are not as desirable as swings with a volume knob, which gives you more control on the volume.

4. Reclineable or Adjustable -Sometimes baby is more comfortable sitting up or lying down. An adjustable swing gives parents more options.

5. Portability and Storage -If you travel or need to bring the swing outside of the house, a light, portable swing will be best. Or if space is an issue you will want to purchase a swing that folds compactly. A “take-along” swing is great if you need to move it and the baby into different rooms of your home.

6. Washability -Swings which have easily removable cloth pieces which may be thrown in a washing machine are the most convenient type.

7. Entertainment Factor -While baby is in the swing he/she should not be bored. Check the swing for mirrors, lights added toys, moving parts, or any interactive features. Your baby will thank you.8. Safety – Safety should not be an issue if you are purchasing new. All swings are equipped with some kinds of straps or belts for baby’s safety. A swing, like most other baby furniture, should not be purchased used.

Best Picks:
Fisher-Price Aquarium Take-Along Swing
is one of the best and most convenient infant swings available. The swing moves in a traditional back and forth motion and comes with eight speeds. The volume of the classical music and soothing aquatic effects is adjustable with a convenient knob. This light-weight swing is incredibly easy to move around from room to room or to take traveling. The pad is machine washable. This swing delights baby with soft lights that move to the music. The music and lights may be played together or on their own. The best feature is the hanging toys which encourage sensory development. Baby can tug on the toys to start the music.

The Fisher-Price Baby Papasan Cradle Swing moves with either a cradle-like motion or a traditional back forth motion. There are six speeds from which to choose. There are a variety of songs and nature sounds and it can be moved into a reclining position. This chair is foldable and the pad is washable.

For an extra comfy infant swing, check out Nature’s Touch Baby Papasan Swing, which moves in either a front to back or side to side motion. The cozy and cushiony seat is also adjustable. There are eight settings and a volume adjustment button. Both soothing songs and sounds of nature will be heard by your baby. The mobile with a bird, dragonfly and butterfly gently flutter around for baby’s amusement.

There are many other infant swings available, to find the one that’s right for you and for baby, use the criteria above which are most important to you.

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