How to Wake Up Your Newborn Baby

A newborn baby is naturally in sleep mode most of the day and it is essential for their health that they get enough rest to grow. But because of the need to keep them active and feed them properly, it is a requirement to wake them up every two to three hours during the day and night. This way, the needed nutritional levels will be kept to the recommended limits.

Waking up a newborn baby is slightly different from a regular child because of their sensitivity to noise and other factors, which could potentially lead to a bad mood and even inability to sleep later on.


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    Instead of calling out to the baby, it is a good idea to stimulate the senses of the baby and enlighten them. Rubbing the baby in various parts around the body such as their back, feet and hands will surely get them up and awake in a good mood. It is a good idea that the diaper should be changed around this time and even a warm bath could do the trick in effectively waking the baby up.

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    Eye Contact

    Once the baby is up and awake, making eye contact with him or her is a great way to capture their attention. The baby is able to recognise you, which will result in their heart rate, blood pressure and emotions speeding up and wanting to spend those moments with their mother or father. Calling out at the same time in a soft voice or singing to the baby is another good way of keeping the baby’s mood happy and joyful.

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    The environment around your baby should be lively and sensational with their attention being captured by many things at once. This can include soft music, day light, toys and other items to keep them active and working their imagination. Keeping the room dark with nothing around will eventually bore out the baby and result in a bad mood whenever it is time to either feed, take a bath or go to sleep.

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    Move Around

    You can also gently pick up your baby and slowly move around your home. This gentle moving motion will wake up your newborn. Remember to not make any sudden or jerky movements as this might startle your sleeping newborn. The goal is to be gentle and ease your baby into waking up with as little commotion as possible.

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