Buying Guide to the Canon I90 Portable Printer

So you’ve got a great, easy to carry digital camera – now what? A great easy to carry printer! The Canon i90 color printer must have been designed by a brilliant mind! I started out my portable computing life with the Canon i80, and although I was satisfied with the i80, the i90 is lightyears advanced even from that!

The Canon i90 has features only dreamt of by non-savvy techno wannabes like me: Microfine Droplet Technology for superior prints, borderless printing capability, dependable product life and more�

Picture this�

You are at an important conference, all set to make your presentation and suddenly you realize that you left your visual aids in the airport lounge! Oh no! Oh, yes! Whip out your Canon i90 and instantly reprint your transparencies and notes. You saved the day! (And, possibly your job)

Or maybe, you caught wind of a possible new client for your real estate businessâÂ?¦ You do a quick drive by of their home, see that it could be a terrific listing, and notice other agents eyeing the property. You’ve got to act fast! You snap a photo or two of the prospective client’s home, insert it into a Seller’s Presentation you prepared months ago, tweaking the copy just a bit to personalize it, and then you print out a high-quality Seller’s Package right in the front seat of your car and Voila!, your New Clients are so impressed with you that they hire you on the spot to not only list their current home, but to help them buy their new home!

The Canon i90 printer is small, lightweight, and self-contained. At just under a lightweight 5 lbs, the slender lines make it easily transportable in a standard laptop case.

The exceptional color quality and clear, sharp photos make this mobile miracle a real competitor to the higher-end desktop printers you couldn’t fit in your mobile office without using a crowbar and some grease.

The Canon i90 easily handles letter and legal sized paper, and really shows its versatility when printing borderless photos and transparencies. It also handles glossy and high glossy photo papers, envelopes and photo postcards. Heck, the printer will even print up a sheet of instant laughter (stickers) while you sit around the campfire seven miles up a hiking trail roasting somemores! How in the world, you ask? Easy.

This gem of a printer is built to be truly portable. With the optional Lithium-ion Battery, no power cord is necessary to print out terrific photos wherever you are. And to save your battery power for necessary use, you can plug the printer right in to your car, using the In-car Power Unit, also optional, and very functional.

With the PictBridge compatible USB port, just plug your camera directly into the Canon i90 printer and within seconds, you will be viewing that hilarious photo of Uncle Ned wearing Grandma Jones wig while dancing around with the lamp as his partner! The printer has Bluetooth capability, and can even be used totally wirelessly.

I have to admit, I am such a tightwad (read ‘super-frugal’), that I considered other printers. Fortunately, for the very little extra money, I chose the Canon i90 Mobile Printer. The superior features overwhelmed me, then and now, and I not only couldn’t justify selecting a different printer for a savings that amounted to a couple of lattes and a cinnamon roll, but I eagerly bought and am using this remarkable ‘tool’ every day – on the road and in my car!

A few of my favorite places to research prices and specifications on products are,, and So, go ahead and take a look for yourself, and then have a great time using the Canon i90 mobile printer, wherever your day takes you!

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