Windows XP Themes: Where to Download Them Hassle Free

Windows XP themes are really popular these days. For someone like me, who makes a living on the computer, it can get boring seeing the same old blue windows xp theme. So I change my theme often. There are many sites that offer windows xp themes but many sites are a waste of time. I say this because you have to go through all types of surveys and stuff to download a theme. So I decided to put together a list of sites that are easy to use. These sites are worth checking out and won’t give you a hard time when you try to download a theme.

Theme XP – Theme XP offers free themes, wallpapers, boot screens, logins, icons, cursor sets, and more. They also tell you how to install your theme and how to make your own theme. You do not have to go through all kinds of questions before downloading. Just click on download and your download starts. The themes are unbelievable, really pretty and cool looking. The layout of this site is nice.

Theme Doctor – The Theme Doctor offers many categories of themes. They have very detailed descriptions on each theme. Again, you don’t have to go through all kinds of surveys and stuff to download themes. You click download and the download starts. Theme Doctor also offers download tips, icons, detailed help on themes, and more. This site is nicely and neatly layed out. Navigation is easy.

Top Themes – Top Themes offers many categories and over fifty themes in each category. This site is nicely and neatly layed out. It is easy to navigate around this site. The themes on here are amazing. Easy to download, one click and you are downloading. Some categories offered on this site are arts, animals, female, male, holidays, sports, tv & movies, nature, cartoons, and many more. I highly recommend this site.

Top Downloads – Top Downloads is a nice, neat little site. Well I say little but they offer many themes, wallpapers, games, software, skins, and more. Top Downloads has many categories and downloading is easy. Find the theme you want and click download. No going through many pages to download. The themes are really nice and the options are unlimited. They also offer a help guide incase you run into trouble.

Top Desktop – Top Desktop is a very plain site that offers many different themes. They also offer icons, mouse cursors, screensavers, skins, and more. Top Desktop offers a help guide as well. This site is not fancy, it is a straight to the point site and personally I like that.

To my surprise, there are not many Windows XP theme sites out there. The above sites are the best, hassle free sites that I could find. has many themes but you must go through all types of stuff just to download what you want. Personally I avoid that site just because of that. If it takes you thirty minutes to go through the process to download one theme, then it’s not worth it in my opinion.

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