Buying a Billiard Table? Know What to Look For

A billiard table is a great way to add some class and fun to your home, and to attract your friends to enjoy a fun time in your place, but many people just go out to buy a pool table without having a clue about what they are going to purchase. A pool able can be an expensive investment, so you need to pay close attention to the details and not just buy whatever the salesman tells you to. This way you will save money and get something that you really need.

First you need to ask yourself several questions. Is pool for you just a hobby or a fun way to spend the evening with your friends? Are you planning to buy the table to train as a professional billiard player? Do you have enough space in your house for something as big as a pool table? Or, how much money can you spend on this? All these questions are particularly important and must be answered before you head out to the store or click the ‘buy’ button on an online catalog.

The reason to answer all these questions is so that you know what to look for once you make the decision of buying a pool table. If the answer for the first question was to use your table as a hobby or recreation, then you have plenty of options available. Any good establishment should have a billiard table of good quality at a relatively affordable price, but if you are going to use your table as a practice for professional games, then you must buy one endorsed by the BCA or Billiard Congress of America. The reason is because game room and professional tables are different, so if you need to train, you must do it in a professional setting.

The question about the use is directly linked to the question of the price, and you need to set a budget for your table. Average pool tables meant for the family game room range from $500 to a few thousand dollars depending on the brand or quality, but a professional table can cost from around $5000 to $15000 USD. Regarding the space available in your house, you have three main sized which are 7, 8, or 9 foot. The size you choose must be determined by the dimensions of your game room and the space available. Also take into consideration the size of your door because some billiard tables won’t pass through it.

There you have it, a few simple questions you should ask yourself before you buy a new pool table. Considering its size, use, and your budget, will make sure you make a smart buy. You don’t want to spend more than necessary, but you don’t want to end up with a lower quality table too; find the right balance.

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