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There are alot of new products on the market that will help you turn your home into an low impact environment. I will show you ten of the easiest and cheapest ways that you can help to reduce your carbon foot print. Eco- Friendly living doesnt have to be lavish or expensive here are some budget friendly products that will get you on your way.

Compact Flourescent Bulbs are my first choice, they are available at most home retailers and just about anywhere these days. They seem a little expensive at first but changing from regular bulbs to these save a family an average of 30.00 a year on there energy bill. Alot of club stores carry these in large bundles and they cost a little less there. They have the size bulb that you would need everything from a small lamp bulb to the regular ceiling bulb.

Kill-A-Watt electricity monitors. Just about all electricity companies are having rate hikes these days wouldnt it be nice to know just how much that coffee pot or air purifier is using? These monitors show you just how much your appliances are using and if they are energy efficient. You can find them online or at some major home retailers nationwide. They cost about 39.99 but are well worth it to know what you can do to lower your energy costs.

The Lotus Sanitizing System. Why go out and buy all those bottle’s of home sanitizer when you can get the same effectivness from a product you can make yourself. Think about all the energy it takes to make those products the fuel it takes to get them to the stores and the energy the store uses to sell them! The lotus sanitizing system runs about 199.00 but if you think about spending 4.00 a week on sanitizer spray it will save you money in the long run. You can find this at retailers like Target! www.target.com

Energy Saving Light Switches.If you are like me you have walked out of a room and not turned the lights off or left for a vacation and forgot to to the sprinklers in the yard off. These products can be hooked up to any regular switch and have a timer to them between 5 minutes and 24 hours. They are one of the smartest things you can do for your home and for your energy usuage. If you have children that leave the lights on or turn one on for every room they go into this will help to make sure they get turned off. These are a great buy from 37.99 to 76.00 the more expensive ones come with motion activiation and turn on and off on there own. You can find these at major home retailers and some online outlets like www.greenandmore.com

Energy Efficient Paint Additives. Are you thinking of painting a room or your whole house? These paint additives will add extra insulation reduce your heating and cooling cost and keep you comfortable at the same time. This is a very inovative product non toxic and is made from a ceramic composite. This product radiates heat back out and doesnt absorb it. You get a 10 gallon kit for about 159.99 at www.insuladd.com

I hope that this will help to get you in the right direction, also consider buying water saving items like toillets and shower heads being eco friendly is smart and fun!

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