Product Review: Mr. Clean Magic Reach

I have four kids, a dog, and a husband so my house is always a mess. I feel like cleaning the house is all I ever do, so if there is a gadget out there that promises to make house cleaning easier I am up for trying it out. Cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite thing to do, as I am sure is the way for many others, so today when I visited the store I decided to pick up the Mr. Clean Magic Reach for $12.74.

The box says the Mr. Clean Magic Reach is an “All-In-One Tool for 5 Bathroom Surfaces”, and is designed to use on showers, tubs, sinks, counters, and floors. The starter kit that I bought comes with 1 hand wand (they call it a hand tool), 2 mopping pads (which are preloaded with a wet cleaner), and 2 scrubbing pads (which are also preloaded with cleaner).

So I get home, put on my cleaning clothes, and pull out the box. The wand was easy enough to put together, and the pad went on easily, so far, so good.

We have two bathrooms, and I started in the bathroom located in our master bedroom. After reading the box a little more closely I see that you are not suppose to use on natural stone or colored grout, well our sink is cultured marble so I have to clean it the old-fashioned way. My husband is an electronic technician, and can sometimes get into chemicals, oil, and other grimy substances that tend to build up grime in our bathtub. I added to the water to the pad as directed and started cleaning the tub, the pad didn’t get into the cracks of our tiles, and when I put pressure on the wand while I was cleaning the bottom of the tub the wand kept falling down.

After doing all I can in the master bath I move onto the hall bathroom that the kids use. The sink and counter in this bathroom get more dirt on them than the bathtub. I will able to use the hand tool on the counter, and it worked great, but it did absolutely no good on the sink as the hand tool does not give any so it does not fit into the curves of the sink, nor can you clean around the faucets with it. It did a much better job on the bathtub in this room because the tub did not have the grimy buildup that the master bathtub gets but as with the sink you can not get into the round corners easily nor can you clean around the faucets with it.

After cleaning both bathrooms it was time to mop the floors. I pulled off the scrubbing pad, and locked in the mopping pad, which to me seemed excessively wet. The mopping pad did not want to stay on the gripper, and I had to fight it the entire time I was trying to mop.

In conclusion, I will not be using the Mr. Clean Magic Reach in the future but I am going to be taking it over to my grandmother to use. Her back is bad, and her bathrooms get nowhere near the use that ours do, so I think that the wand will work perfectly for her when she cleans her tubs so she doesn’t have to stretch so much putting pressure on her back. I will also advise her not to use it on the sinks. As far as the mopping feature, I think the Swiffer Wet Jet is a much better solution, and most people who will purchase this product will probably already own a Swiffer Wet Jet.

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