Earning an Extra Buck in Hard Times

Gasoline and food prices are getting out of control and the landlord just raised your rent, he said it was because of higher heating oil prices. You now need more money, but your boss will not give you a raise. There is no alternative but to find some extra work or you will be forced to live the life of a miser. But luckily there are many other ways to make a few extra bucks and here are my suggestions.

Find a family to share your apartment, it will help pay some of the expenses. Mowing lawns or trimming trees is not an expensive business to get into, there are lots of good used equipment available for less than a hundred dollars. They don’t take up much room and you can fit them into your car. Cleaning houses, barbecue pits, or washing cars are services that are always needed and require little investment. Most of your customers will give you the detergents to do the job. If you have a van you can offer to clean out their attic or basement of all its junk. Some of the things that you pickup can be sold to a thrift shop. Many of your customers will need a dog walker or food shopper, it is a good opportunity to have a steady job. Keep you customers happy, and they will always use your services.

I hate to recommend panhandling to anybody but it is a trade that is available as a last resort. It is estimated that there are over one hundred million people around the world that make their living in that way. The only thing that is worse than being a panhandler is being broke. If you must panhandle there is a right and wrong way to do it. The wrong way is to stick out your hand and loudly ask for a buck. That method will never work. The right way is to give people a laugh as you panhandle. Get a sign made up saying: “Make A Wish” Put it next to you as you stand on the corner with a large clear plastic bowl filled with water and a few coins. People passing by will smile and drop their change into your bowl. But remember empty it before you give the impression that you have become wealthy.

There are many hurdles that a person has to overcome in their lifetime like bad health, loss of a loved one, or a lack of money. It seems that life has more problems than we can handle. But we must go on to solve them because there is no other choice. I hope I have helped you with one of your problems and you can now go on to make a few extra bucks.

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