The Disadvantages of Being Messy

After reading an article called “The Benefits of Being Messy”, I was motivated to create somewhat of a companion piece from another point of view on the topic of organization. It is a very useful article for those who are obsessing over organization. There are many people who need to relax when it comes to repetitive actions such as color-coding and separating clothes by season.

The article introduces the concept of balance to the lives of many who either cannot get it together or are too organized. There are some who may not have the desire to organize anything at all. I saw an episode of the Greg Behrendt show that featured a woman who has not cleaned her dining room since she moved into her house. After finally going through some of items that were piled up in the room, she found unopened Christmas presents and old empty telephone boxes.

Accumulates Garbage
There are real disadvantages when it comes to being messy. The guest on the Greg Behrendt show has exhibited an example of one of these disadvantages. It is easy to accumulate garbage by being messy. An unorganized area that is left in the same condition will become cluttered with trash over time. This can include household rooms, office desk drawers and automobile interiors.

While this garbage may not be hazardous to one’s health, it does take up space. It will be difficult to locate important items if they are combined with trash in a messy area. That causes someone to spend extra time sifting through junk to get to a possession that is really valuable. Old boxes, gadgets, toys, clothing and other unused items should either be straightened out and placed in a neat section or thrown away.

A messy environment equals a messy life
A painter may be able to create great works of art in the midst of a messy environment. However, people who have messy homes or offices usually carry the disorder over into their lives. No one can operate effectively in total clutter. A messy environment has negative effects on a person’s life both personally and professionally. If possessions are not in order, many things can spiral out of control.

Bad impression on others
Some people may be comfortable with a messy environment. However, family and friends may not be so comfortable in the same atmosphere. A messy surrounding may give off a bad impression to guests. Many people respond differently to all situations. There are people who will not be forgiving about being messy.

In the end, there is really no excuse. Single people can make neatness a weekend hobby and mothers can get their children to participate in the organization of a home. It may not be necessary to make sure that everything is in great shape 24 hours a day. There are many advantages to being organized. An organized environment will contribute to one’s mindset. It will help someone to become a more productive individual.

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