Eco Friendly Thanksgiving Ideas

Make Homemade Beverages
Lots of canned beverages and drinks in bottles are purchased during Thanksgiving. One small change in this area is a great way to go green for Thanksgiving. Homemade Beverages can prevent you from creating lots of trash that will only be sent to landfills if they are not recycled.

If your family drinks alcohol or beverages that come in glass bottles, it is better to reuse those bottles instead of throwing them out in the trash. Homemade Beverages are usually stored and served in pitchers that are washed and used repeatedly throughout the year. This is one of the most beneficial Eco Friendly Thanksgiving Ideas.

Homemade Beverages are not that difficult to implement into your holiday plans. They are usually healthier than soft drinks purchased from the grocery store as well. That is one benefit of Homemade Beverages for Thanksgiving. Lots of money will also be saved on packs of soda and juices that can cost $30 or more depending on the size of your family.

Homemade Beverages for your Eco Friendly Thanksgiving can include tea, apple cider and even egg nog. If you do not have enough pitcher, start saving plastic milk containers and other bottles to use for your Homemade Beverages.

Use Paper Plates and Cups for Thanksgiving dinner
If you do not have enough dinnerware and plan on purchasing disposable items, choose paper plates and paper cups. Plastic and Styrofoam dinnerware and drink ware may be pretty and inexpensive, but they are not good items to use for an Eco Friendly Thanksgiving.

Paper plates and cups are better for the environments and may even cost less than plastic and Styrofoam dinnerware. Many people prefer plastic plates because they seem to be more durable, especially when taking leftovers home. However, you can double paper plates to make sure that they do not bend easily.

Use Tupperware Instead of Plastic Wrap for Leftovers
Aluminum foil and plastic wrap are one of the most widely used items during Thanksgiving. Tupperware is one of the best Eco Friendly Thanksgiving Ideas when it comes to storing leftovers or taking food home. You can replace the plastic wrap with a selection of Tupperware that guests can use for extra food.

This will help the environment significantly. Plastic can be dangerous for sea life if trash gets into the oceans. This is a good point to keep in mind when selecting storage options for your Thanksgiving dinner. Tupperware is used repeatedly for years, but plastic wrap is thrown in the trash after someone used it once.

Use real Utensils
This is an item that your family should have enough of to lessen the need for plastic forks, knives and spoons. If one person is the designated host for Thanksgiving dinner, everyone can bring a set of large and small utensils to be used.

You may have more dishes, but there will be less trash and garbage that pollutes the environment. That is what these Eco Friendly Thanksgiving Ideas are all about. Family members can help each other to clean up after dinner. Using real utensils will also help you to save money.

Keep Cans out of the trash
Lots of beverage cans are thrown in a general trash can during Thanksgiving. Even if you have decided to make homemade beverages, canned goods will still probably be used. Cranberry sauce, Vegetables, Sweet Potatoes, Broth and other foods come in cans. These items are discarded with no thoughts on how they affect the environment most of the time. This is another area where your family can make a big difference.

Instead of having all types of garbage in one trash bag, make sure that there is a separate bag for plastics and one for cans. It is easy to forget about protecting the environment when there are dozens of holiday plans and tasks to complete. However, this is a simple modification that can make a huge difference for your quality of living.

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