Buying a Ferret?

`I would like to mention a few things my daughter and I have encountered when keeping our ferrets safe.

If you are planning on letting your furry friends run through the entire household then you must take precautions such as:

Blocking off the entrance to the underneath of your kitchen appliances.

Making sure any plants that you have are out of reach (or you will find a huge mess).

Keep your cabinet doors closed at all times and if your ferrets find ways f opening the doors, which they will, then install some type of latch. As you would when childproofing your home.

Keep your toilet seat down to prevent ferrets from possibly drowning.

If you are going to allow them to climb then be sure there is nothing that can hurt them on top of tables and such. Also, if you have anything of importance make sure you remove it. Ferrets like to take unusual items and then hide them.

Keep your washer and dryer lids closed and make sure that any lint lying aroud is removed.

Ferrets are very good scratchers so keep them away from screen doors. If they scratch enough you may find them wandering freely outside of their safe space.

Be careful when sitting on your furniture as ferrets love to climb between the cushions and sitting on them could be instant death.

I could probably go on but I think I have written enough. We have found that limiting the area our ferrets can explore has become a lot easier for us and safer for them. Purchasing an inexpensive baby gate will allow them to roam freely without getting themselves into trouble.

Ferrets are much like children; they love to explore and would rather play with the packaging instead of the toy. They are curious about what their owners do and will do what they can to find the answer. Look at them as children and safe-proof your home as you would for children.

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