Spring Cleaning: How to Be Ruthless in Getting Rid of Your Clutter

Spring is almost here. Its time to think about doing a little Spring cleaning! Spring is always a good time to get your house and life in order. The weather is warming up, you feel a little more active, and the days are getting a little longer. Don’t put off that cluttered closet or junked up garage any more. Now is the time to clean them out, and free up some space. But to do a good job, you’ve got to be tough on yourself and ruthless. Being objective is the key. There is no room or time to get emotional or sentimental. Get in there and get cracking!

The first step is to organize yourself. Set aside a reasonable block of time where you can get a good amount of cleaning done without overwhelming yourself. I would say an hour or two would be good. Then after you complete your time, you can do some more the next day until it is done. This way you don’t get overwhelmed or too emotional. If you get stuck on a particular item, after getting some sleep, the next day you may have a clearer idea of what you need to do with it.

Next, get yourself four empty trash bags, plastic bins, or cardboard boxes. One is going to be for trash. The next will be for donations. The third will be for items you keep. The fourth will be for the undecided items. Try to keep as many items out of this last container as possible. But if you really, really can’t decide, then place it in the undecided container, sleep on it, and try to make a decision about it one way or the other the very next day, or as soon as possible.

Now then, start going through your clutter. Try to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. The less time you spend on any one item, the faster everything will go, and the less you’ll feel an attachment to it. If you find yourself lingering too long, immediately put that item into the undecided pile, and move on to something else. By repeating this process, you will soon find yourself with a neater, cleaned up space, and some full boxes.

The next thing to do is take the trash box and take it directly out to the trash. No sifting through it, and no second looks. Just walk that box right out to the trash, and leave it there. Done!

Now, grab your donation box. If possible, put in right in the car, right now, and drive straight to the Goodwill. Don’t forget to get a receipt for a deduction on your taxes, and itemize what you donated.

When you are back home, get your items to be kept and decide on a place to put them right away. Just do it, and get it done. You know you are going to keep those items, so you can put them any place for now. Just get them out of your way.

Don’t even look at the undecided box. Close it up and put it away, until the next day or the next time you are going to clean again. And, did you know, cleaning experts say that this is a good time to tape that box shut, and let it sit for about a couple of months. After that time, if you do not need anything from that box, or do not even remember what you put in there, leave it taped shut and drive it right to the Goodwill and donate it! You’ll be helping someone else out, and besides, if you can’t even remember what was in there, you don’t need it anyway!

Spring cleaning can be great fun if done efficiently. It is a great way to clear up some space, and to also throw out old things, and donate some unwanted items to charity, instead of just letting them pile up. The key to all of this is making a plan, getting organized, and getting it done. No procrastination allowed. You have time, you have a plan, so get it done today, and don’t look back! You’ve got to be ruthless to win the war against clutter. With these tips, and a little time, you are sure to come away from your clutter pile a winner!

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