Hurricane Preparedness During Hurricane Season

Rule #1 Be ready at all times, this means never let your guard down, especially if you are a mobile home owner or a home owner in general. Hurricanes have an odd way of sneaking up on the ill prepared. Most individuals become too laid back thinking that they have plenty of time until they are actually dealing with one of these monster categories 3 or higher.

I have come to find from my personal experiences that it is always better to be ready when a storm is definite to make landfall in two to three days. Usually when these storms are approaching in close proximity to land masses most individuals wait till the last day to get the needed supplies that are essential to hold you over until repairs and power can be restored to neighborhoods and residential areas.

Rule #2 Keep an ample amount of medium and large candles stored away for only this emergency in case of a night landfall hurricane. Store a good supply of rechargeable batteries for flashlights, radios, cameras and any medical devices that may need them. Rechargeable batteries are the most economical and common sense because they have a long shelf life and most take little time to charge up, oh don’t forget to charge them up two days in advance.

It would be wise to have more than one battery charger, this will definitely save a lot less time.

Rule #3 Reserve a supply of all medicines and medical supplies, ID cards in water proof poly bags. A word of advice, if you have any family members with special medical needs forget about the stay at home, take two days before the storm make landfall to pack up all necessary items and get to a more secure and safe area before traffic may keep you and your loved ones trapped.

Rule #4 Always keep abreast of your local news and the weather channel to determine the status of the approaching storm. Be smart and being proactive can save your life and a lot of stress.

Rule #5 Never ride out a category 5 Hurricane, just take a note and look what transpired in the wake of Katrina in New Orleans-the aftermath was completely devastating.

Truly there is safety in numbers, if by chance that the low line citizens of New Orleans had took heed an evacuated a week prior to the storm at their feet just two to three days they would have had a chance.

Rule #6 Use good common sense when it has been determined by officials and meteorologist that they are unsure of a particular storm marked a category three or higher will not be a threat, be on the safe side and pack all of your most important documents and get to safe ground.

Are you aware that in any state that has a land falling hurricane if you have not evacuated by the time given the National Guard has orders to stop citizens from leaving.

In actuality this is just a common procedure for all citizens’ safety, it is a common practice that was put into effect to protect the citizen from any due harm.

Rule #7 This rule I call seventh heaven, call all family members and make a definite plan to meet, there is safety in numbers, don’t be stubborn, this may be a time to put all indifferences aside. There may be one or maybe even several family members that are financially burdened and may need your help and then you all may have to pull all your resources to help one another after the storm.

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