Making an Air Mattress More Comfortable to Sleep On

Floating on air isn’t always easy. Air mattresses are inexpensive, convenient for guests or even for a spare permanent bed, but getting them to feel like and act like a traditional sleep platform can take some doing.

Easily inflated air mattresses like Insta-Bed or Aero Bed have satisfied the need for cheap extra bedding. For under 100 dollars or often even under 50 dollars, an air mattress can fit into most any budget. They’re also extremely comfortable when compared to many mattresses, but unlike a conventional mattress often there won’t be a bed frame or other accessories, which help contribute to a more normal sleeping experience.


Where you place your air mattress counts for a lot. You may not be able to control the actual floor surface in terms of hardwood floors or carpeting, but where it’s placed in the room can help a lot in getting in and out of the bed.

No matter age or physical fitness level, rising up gracefully from an air mattress can be an exercise in futility. Since it’s a good bet it’s going to lie flat on the floor, raising a groggy body up from one early in the morning can define tricky. By placing it near a large couch, or a support wall, which juts out, or even a door frame, you can use those various things to grab onto and easier lift yourself from the floor.

Also if you are placing an air mattress on a slippery floor like wood or tile, get an old comforter or blanket and use that to place underneath your air bed. An air mattress’s lightweight on a slick floor can turn it into a sliding hockey puck. You don’t want slip around as you toss and turn turning the night, because you’ll never earn your sleep goal like that.

Mattress Covering: Proper Topper

An air mattress will allow you to float to sleep in comfort, but the feel will never be like a traditional mattress. For some, that floating feeling could be distracting. Also many times during the night, an air mattress can lose air volume. In the morning, you may find yourself on the floor and if that’s a hard wood floor, it won’t be fun.

Mattress toppers like egg crate foam or the more expensive memory foam can turn the air mattress into something closer to a real bed. Even a comforter or two or blanket placed over the fitted sheet can provide a more natural and comfortable sleeping surface.

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