The Many Uses of Ready-Mix Concrete

Concrete is a popular building material. You can see it in homebuilding sites, commercial building sites and government projects such as bridges and highways. It is easier to complete big projects like these by using ready-mix concrete. Completing projects on a tight deadline is possible and achieved in less than half the time it would when not using this product.

Ready-mix concrete comes from manufacturers and plants ready for delivery and mixing at work or project sites. With the use of a concrete mixer, one can get a precise mixture of concrete for the project. Using this type of cement material eliminates too much confusion at the work site. It also saves considerable amount of time because it requires less time to prepare than concrete prepared from scratch.

Cements, sands, aggregates (gravels) and water are the main contents of the mixture. It has the same ingredients as the ones that are not except that instead of carrying and mixing the raw materials at the site, the ready-mix arrives at the site on mixer trucks already pre-mixed and ready to use. Adding different additives and aggregates offsite and then delivering onsite for a different project based upon the specification of the customer is another feature of the ready-mix concrete. Different textures, finishes and colors are also available in ready-mix form.

Using ready-mix concrete eliminates having to carry and mixing the materials on site, which is a painstaking process. It eliminates errors that come with wrong measurement of water and the concrete materials. Using ready-mix saves time and effort. Big projects take less time to complete after pouring in the mixture using the transit mixer. The quality of the product is also much better than those that come in a non-ready mixed form.

Ready-mix concrete has a big potential in a lot of building projects. Aside from using it on big infrastructure projects such as building bridges, highways and huge buildings, we see this type of concrete as the choice of homeowners when building driveways, walkways, patios or decks made of concrete. Some homeowners choose concrete for their kitchen and bathroom countertops and as floorings. Stained concrete floors and counters provide a rustic look and patina adding more character to the interior of the home.

When using ready-mix concrete one must work with caution. One must ensure that there is enough space for the transit mixer. In addition, the location should be strong enough to handle the weight of the transit mixer and the concrete. The workers practice caution when working with the concrete mixer, by avoiding standing near the way of the mixer, especially when operating and pouring concrete. Accidents can and do happen which can endanger the well-being of the workers.

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