Buying a Snow Blower

Those who live in a cold, snowy climate know only too well what a daunting task removing snow from the driveway, sidewalks, and walkways can be. You can, of course, leave the task in the hands of a snowplow service, which will keep your driveway clear, push the snow up to the back and sides of your driveway, powered by a pickup truck and a plow mounted on the front. However, if you decide to go that route, you must be ready to spend some money and wait till the time it arrives. Keeping these things in mind, homeowners often opt for devices like a snow blower or snow thrower. These devices, powered by gas, function in a way similar to that of lawn mowers.

Among the well-known snow blower makers are Ariens, Toro, Craftsman, Husqvarna, Troy-Bilt, MTD Yard Machines, and Honda. A powered snow blower spares you the burden of heavy work you needed to do using a shovel. You can find two main types of snow blowers: single-stage and two-stage and they come in different widths. Single stage devices are suitable for residential use under lighter snow conditions. If the snow is deeper, you will have to use a two-stage snow blower. Going by the present market rates, a single-stage snow thrower is likely to cost you $300-$800 and a two-stage snow blower between $600 and $2000. For tips and advice on purchasing a new snow blower it is wise if you consult a snow blower buying guide.

A Troy-Bilt 5.5HP Single-stage Snow Blower is available for $450, with an electric starter and 21″ clearing width. A more powerful Husqvarna 10.5HP dual-stage blower will cost you just under $1000. Honda also manufactures some heavy-duty track drive and wheel drive snow blowers, such as the HS724TA Snowblower, HS928TA Snowblower, and HS928TAS Snowblower. Having a clearing width in the range of 24″-28,” these self-propelled devices feature from 6.5HP to 8.9HP. Their less powerful models, Honda HS520A Snowblower and Honda HS520AS, clear 20″ paths and can throw snow up to 25.’ A single tank of gas is enough to run them for over 90 minutes. Toro makes the Toro Snow Commander priced at $859, and the Toro two-stage Power Max, with a 26″ clearing width, 6 speeds that cost $1100. The Ariens models range from the $529 single-stage 522, with 5Hp and a 22″ path. The Ariens 722EC has a larger 7HP Tecumseh Snow King engine, a 1.2qt fuel tank (two-stroke engine) and it can clear a 22″ path. The Ariens Deluxe 2-stage snow blowers are priced between $1100 and $1900 MSRP. In between, the Ariens 11528LE Deluxe has an 11.5HP engine, halogen headlight, 14″ four blade impeller for more throwing power, and hand warmer grips.

If you are looking for more variety, you should better visit a local yard and small motor store. Ariens will offer you a three-year warranty, which is pretty standard. You will surely want to find a local maintenance or repair shop that can handle yearly tune-ups and maintenance, which will perhaps cost you between $30 and $65.

To save money and get rid of snow covered surfaces, a snow blower may be a wise investment.

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