Great Ways to Use Those Leftover Rubber Bands

Rubber bands are the invention of a fun loving society. The are just a tiny rubber circle used for so many things that make life easier and makes us laugh. But what are some of the uncommon uses for rubber bands? Following is a few other suggestions to make your life easier.

1. Beer bottles with twist tops and cutting edges that still hurt when you try to open them. Just wrap the top several times with a rubber band and you can open the bottle without hurting your hand on the tiny edges. This works well with tough to open soda bottles too.

2. If your hands are sore or you fight arthritis like so many of us you can wrap your drinking glass with a couple of rubber bands around the middle. It makes for an easy grips and even if the outside of the glass is a little wet you won’t drop it and break it. This works great for young children too until they learn to use a glass or their little hands grow big enough to provide a better grip.

3. Use a rubber band as a book mark. You won’t have to ruin the pages by bending the corners and your rubber band book mark won’t fall out when you move around. You just stretch the rubber band on the front half of the book to mark the page you left off. When you return to the book the mark will still be in place without damage to the book.

4. Use rubber bands to loosely hold small plants in place to a stake until they are big enough to stand on their own. Once they have grown enough to support themselves you can just clip the rubber band away.

5. The rubber band is a good way to annoy someone you love. You can shoot them across the room and begin a war. Move the furniture in place for protection and be sure to wear goggles. You don’t want to put an eye out and have your own children tell you, “I told you so!”

6. If you place a rubber band around the center of your paint can or pan you can wipe extra paint from the brush by using the rubber band instead of on the side. When you use the side of the can or holder to wipe extra paint off the brush you chance losing some of it as it drips down the side. If you use the rubber band method the paint will drip right back into the can or pan you are using.

7. A quick easy office solution at home for going through a stack of papers without licking your finger and leaving marks is to loop a rubber band around your index finger to a comfortable size. You can flip through the stack of papers and not leave marks from wet fingers. This is cheap, easy and sometimes quite fun as it brings back memories of childhood fights with the little helper.

The amazing rubber band and it’s many uses are for all who can create. It is versatile, fun and has many uses not listed here. Come up with your own and save those rubber bands. They are the best thing you can recycle in your home.

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