Product Review of the Swiffer Sweeper Duster

The Procter and Gamble Swiffer Sweeper Duster is one of those products that we all wish we came up with first. The Swiffer Sweeper comes with an extension handle with attachments that are capable of being detached. This not only provides for convenience for those who use the present version; it also sets up an opportunity for add on products as new opportunities arise.

My wife and daughter swear by the Swiffer products for sweeping and dusting. They haven’t bought into the idea of using any of these products on carpets as yet.

The handle on the Swiffer Sweeper, combined with its light weight have encouraged them to use it on high places that were previously inaccessible to them.

The brand name Swiffer items are slightly pricy, particularly when compared to the low cost of owning a broom. Even though there is a growing number of store brands offering competing products that might be able to complete with the Swiffer Sweeper, the women in my household swear by their Swiffer Sweepers.

From a practical application these products appear to have reduced the amount of time it takes to clean specific areas of the house. There small footprint allows them to efficiently clean floors in bathrooms and kitchens where obstructions like toilets and furniture legs make sweeping difficult.

There is the added advantage that the dirt comes right along with the Swiffer as it rises from the floor to the trash can.

One use that I can see for a tool like the Swiffer Sweeper is at a rental house or a house that is being put up for sale. At preparation time in the real estate market, time is often the key to success or failure. Having prepared a few rentals and a few houses for sale, I wish that I had a Swiffer Sweeper when I was trying to prep them. It would have been well worth the extra few dollars to save a few hours in the process. The added advantage is that the sweeper is very effective in picking things up even over edges where it may be difficult to see if the cleaning is taking place.

Another group of folks that may want to try out the Swiffer line of products are those wonderful folks that come by weekly or monthly and clean the homes of busy professionals. The cleaning crews will benefit from a product like this in being able to clean houses more quickly or more thoroughly.

People who have members of their family who suffer from allergies or Asthma could definitely benefit by adding this product to their cleaning arsenal. My aunt who suffers from Asthma would greatly benefit from knowing that all of the dust in the house that could be removed was actually removed. Plus using a regular broom usually has the side effect of filling the air with dust, which is exactly the problem.

This is one really great product.

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