How to Dog Proof Your Home

What do babies do when they see something interesting on the floor? They stare at it, then put it in their mouth. Puppies are the same way. If they see something lying on the floor that catches their attention, they look, sniff, and put it in their mouth. This is okay if the item is a toy or something that can’t harm them, but is it always? No. This is why it is so important to not only kid proof you house, but also dog proof your home.

Dog proofing your home is important. If you look around your home, you may think your house is completely safe for a new puppy. But remember too, that a puppy can find the most innocent thing as being fascinating and this can pose a potential health threat to them. A new dog is interested in his new surroundings and will try to taste everything. So how do you find hazards around your house that you aren’t aware of? Simple.

Get down on a dogs level, literally. If you want to dog proof your home, what better way to do it. Get down on all fours and crawl around your home to see if you see any hazards. It may seem silly but you will be surprised on how many electrical cords, children toys, jewelry and other small items you can find. Taking these precautions early on can definitely save you on a vet bill. Even if you have boxes that are taped up, remember that dogs have claws and are very capable of opening these boxes.

Whether you have an older dog or a younger dog, a new dog will always check out their new living environment. One important room of the house to dog proof is in the kitchen. You may relate kitchen safety to small kids. Children may use their hands to open kitchen cabinets, dogs use their paws. It is vital that cleaning supplies are not placed in an area where your dog has access to them. You may even want to think about installing childproof locks on your kitchen cabinets where you store chemicals.

If you throw hazardous materials into your kitchen trash can such as bleach bottles, keep the trash can out of doggy reach. It is best to keep it underneath a locked cabinet. If this is not possible, place tempting items that dogs may want such as chicken bones and other types of bones in the freezer until it is time for the trash to go out.

Not only are these choke hazards but it helps prevent the dog from getting into the trash can and eating spoiled food. Another common item that is openly left out in the kitchen is chocolate. Be very careful of chocolate around your dog. Chocolate contains a stimulant called theobromine, which can cause a dog to become very ill if digested. It should be thought of like poison for dogs.

You should also dog proof your bathroom. Now why should you dog proof the bathroom? It’s not like dogs know how to use it. While this is true, dogs can still be enticed to browse its surroundings. Many times does explore just to see what’s there. Dogs may be attracted to colorful, fun smelling soaps and clothes that may sit on the side of the bathtub.

To your dog, this is an open invitation to sniff and taste the unknown products. Unfortunately, something that looks and smells so good can make them seriously ill. The best way to keep your good smelling soaps, razors and miscellaneous items out of reach of your dog is by placing them in an elevated shower caddy. Even your children’s toys should be put out of reach while your dog is in the bathroom. Small toys can pose serious choke hazards for dogs.

With time and careful preparation of dog proofing your home. bringing a new dog into your home can be very rewarding. Not only will you enjoy the company of your dog, you will be rest assured that your dog is also safe.

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