CD Review: Love, Angel, Music, Baby by Gwen Stefani

Love, Angel, Music, Baby

All hail the Queen. Sitting at the highest position, we find Gwen Stefani ready to take her place in this land we call pop.(Maybe she should be called the Princes of Pop) Regardless of what you call her. You can definitely call her an entertainer. The greatest thing you can say about Love, Angel, Music, Baby is the fact that it is simply and irresistibly entertaining music. Sure the lyrics are words that most jr. high kids could paste together, but this is more about entertainment value than mental enlightenment. More monopoly than chess.

’80s Dance kind of Funky Music

A collage of music is what we get in “Love,Angel,Music,Baby”
mixing in rap, rock, pop, and a furry of funky electronic music. High expectations you would have when you hear that she is collaborating with the likes of Dr.Dre, The Neptunes, Linda Perry and Andre 3000. We find no disappointment. This album is all about shaking and moving. Dance music at its best. You don’t get bombarded with a dozen songs that all sound alike or almost share identical attributes. Here we find many songs that are good for, similar as well as different reasons. Making this not only a good listen, but also a musical experience.

The Words in the Music

Through the whole CD you find that the lyrics are rather simple. Not very shall we say.. Intellectual or showing high intelligence. (Not that she is showing low-intelligence) From her early days in No Doubt where she was a teen, to her later years in her 30’s she still lyrically sounds the same. As if she had not matured fully to change her style of delivering her message. That is the down note in this album. Yet, for the type it is, your really not looking for mentally altering life changing music. If you’re like me you’re hoping to get out of this, fun non-thinking but still enjoying music. That, you do find in this CD.

The Side Stuff

Before we start analyzing each song lets analyze the “side stuff”. First, I love the cover. The cover shows Gwen Stefani’s individualism as well as the fact that she is one super hot chick. (Yes.. I’ve been seduced by Gwen’s platinum white hair, milky white skin, and bodacious hips.) Their is about three other pictures in the case, that shown her pleasantly visual extremities. The album also holds the lyrics inside. A nice little extra where you can come to find out for yourself what each song is about. Also, it holds some Wonderland and Japanese inspired pictures.

Love, Angel, Music ,Baby by Gwen Stefani

1. What You Waiting For? (G.Stefani/L.Perry)
Produced by: Nellee Hooper

This song was the perfect single. Filled with originality that will prod at people’s curiosity. Filled with dance beats and a catchy chorus it gets stuck in your mind. It is a song that speaks about the fact that now she stands alone. What are you waiting for? she asks her self. Telling her self to take the chance for she might grow. Here we find a real sex symbol growing. For in this song she expresses her self in a way that she does not in No Doubt albums. With a liberating sensual vocalism.

2. Rich Girl featuring Eve

This is one of my fav. songs in this album. The beats and electronic melodies are addictive and seductive. Dr. Dre did an awesome job producing this song. This song is about the love she has for her “Baby”. How all the riches in the world would mean nothing with out his love. Eve is a nice rap induced flavor that makes the song authentic and real. Eve has a small part but enough to do what she needs to do.

3. Hollaback Girl (g.Stefani/P.Williams/C.Hugo)

This is the Neptune’s produced song. Another great set of beats and superbly catchy chorus. The beats and vocals sound as if it was inspired by Queen. Somewhat reminiscent of “We Will Rock You”. The concept of the song was lost on me, yet it’s still fun and delicious.

4. Cool (G.Stefani/D.Austin)

This song I imagine is about her former boy friend and how after all they have been trough they can still hang around each other. The fact that now as she puts it: “I know were cool” This is a nice mellow song. That throws back to 80’s slow mellow music.

5. Bubble Pop Electric featuring Johnny Vulture

This song is produced by Johnny Vulture a.k.a. Andre 3000. This a 50’s style song. A concept where Johnny and Gwen go out in a date. Gwen sings and talks in a 50’s way, really sounding splendid. Erotic and exciting this song is electrically sound driven and exciting. This is another song were the ultimate meaning was lost on me but I was having too much fun as I listened to notice.

6. Luxurious produced by: Nelle Hooper and Tony Kanal

This is a slow song that rides on an empty chorus. It is somewhat uninspired to me. A bit redundant as she speaks once again about money and how its nothing like that love from her “baby”. This song is the only song I did not like.

7. Harajuku Girls produced by: Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

This is just drenched with the fact that she loves Japanese harajuku girls style. Great emphasis on how she loves their visual style. (Fashion) It looses you a bit in its over indulgence but it has enough oomph to keep your attention.

8. Crash produced by Tony Kanal

Fast dance beats with a sensual motion. It is a trip and a half. Now this is more like the 80’s music that I remember listening to in the 90’s. (Since I was born in 1982) This song makes you wish that most the songs in this c.d. were like this one.

9. The Real Thing produced by Nelle Hooper

Another song about her “Babe” this speaks about hmmm how their love is.. lest see… the real thing. It is another song that is reminiscent of the eighties. It also reminds me much of The Corrs. What I hate is the fact that it also reminds of Jennifer Lopez’s “Waiting for tonight” (AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!) But this song is better. So don’t be afraid.

10. Serious produced by Tony Kanal

Another dance hit here. This song has a great feel and a music melodic touch that send you on a trip. It makes you want to move. Sounds a little like Madonna and then on the other hand it doesn’t. This song is about her and her lover’s love, being serious. This song is seriously good.

11. Danger Zone produced by Nelle Hooper and Dallas Austin

Fast pace and sensually provocative song. The best thing about this song is how it shifts from one melodic motion to another. It goes from fast to slow in a nano second. Love this song causes the chorus is infectious and well catchy. I would not mind living in her danger zone. I mean this song.

12. Long Way To Go performed by G. Stefani and Andre3000

Out of all the song in Love,Angel,Music,Baby this is by far my favorite. This song speaks about how there still is this race barrier that separates people. If all men are made equal than why can’t black and white date? This song is bold and speaks about a serious issue in a serious way. I was surprised to find this song in this c.d. I was pleasantly surprised. It is a mature song that has the musical maturity of Andre3000 to go with it. It is quite splendid in delivering its message. My fav. line is “What is the color of music?”

What You Waiting For?

Really there is nothing that you should be waiting for. The wait is done and here we have a decent freshmen album from Gwen Stefani. Finally being the only voice in the room, she has shown us that she is a voice worth listening to. Making us dance and giving us music that we can hear in the car, with out having to pay much attention. There is No Doubt that you will enjoy this album. Here we have love that is being transferred by an angel, making music for her baby.

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