Top Ten Songs by KISS

I came across a part in a book once where the main character was assembling his favorite 100 songs of all time. I was drawn more to the list than anything in the book. The idea that someone could narrow down his or her favorite 100 songs of all time, even fictitiously, amazed me. I have many favorite artists, across a wide choice of genres, and my personal list would have to be much longer than 100. The more I think about this, I believe the list was supposed to represent the 100 greatest hits of all time, which is even worse, simply because there are so many hits being recorded each and every day in the music industry that the list would have to be constantly updated.

When I came across the idea to make a list of my top ten songs by an artist or group of my choosing, I thought this is a piece of cake, until I realized I still had to narrow my favorites down to one artist or group. After some thought on the matter, the choice was simple really. Anyone who knows me, knows I have been a fan of the rock group KISS since I was a pre teen, madly in love with all of the group members, but especially Gene Simmons, and even a certified member of their fan club, i.e., Army, with an assemblage of glossy 8″ x 10″s to prove it. Therefore, without further ado, the top ten songs by the rock group KISS, which includes the band members Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, in no particular order simply because I love them all, would be:

#1 – Hotter then Hell, from the album by the same name, Hotter than Hell, released in 1974

#2 – God of Thunder

#3 – King of the Night Time World

#4 – Christine Sixteen, originally released on the album Love Gun in 1977, and as a single the same year. It has gone on to be one of the signature songs that people identify the original KISS group by.

#5 – Detroit Rock City, need I say more! This song proved that a bunch of rockers could become an icon to a whole nation of adolescents, teens, and adults alike.

#6 – Love Gun, one of my all time personal favorites.

#7 – Beth, from their album Destroyer, was first released in 1976, was by far one of my all time favorite KISS songs, even if, or maybe because it was such a breakaway from their normal rock and roll style, showing to the world that they did have voices, fantastic ones, and could sing a ballad with the best of them. Peter Chris might have been drummer, but this song proved he could write and sing with the best. Beth is currently their highest charting single and has attained the coveted status of gold record.

#8 – Shout it out Loud

#9 – Comin’ Home

#10 – Rock & Roll All Nite, from the album Dressed to Kill, was first released in 1975, and is one of those songs that went on to help earmark KISS as one of the greatest, or who am I kidding, THE greatest rock group of all time!

For all you KISS fans, past and present who continue to look for enjoyment from this group, be sure to check out what one member has been up to by tuning in to your television’s A&E channel. Gene Simmons, alongside his two children, Nick and Sophie (sweet kids!) and his partner for nearly a quarter of a century, Shannon Tweed, (former Playmate of the Year, actress and model) have created and are starring in a show you just have to see. Family Jewels, is a somewhat surprising look at life behind the scenes, on the home front, of this one member who helped craft KISS into the mega success that they were and continue to be.

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