CD Review: Radiohead’s Hail To The Thief

Polishing a Pessimistic Perspective

My mind just can’t get enough soul-screaming depressive music. Like a thirst that I cannot satiate. When I listen to this kind of music, I feel comfort and a sense of belonging. Listening to something I can personally understand and relate to, puts me in a calm state. (Since I’m a sad depressed soul..)

Not only do I find ease in this but also relaxing joy. Music serving as a tool of a joyful release. As I listened to Radiohead’s “Hail to the Thief” I found my dark and pessimistic music fix. Plus, a few extra goodies in the mix.

Radical Innovation

Embracing new musical direction as well as futuristic sounds “Hail to the Thief” is a winner in declaring originality. With lyrics that are not decipherable, it makes you ponder even more on them. Allowing you to place your own interpretation to the songs. This album could well be political, as well as explain why it is that your fav. gal no longer digs you.

In an interview with Radiohead, they discussed how sometimes you cant find the metaphors in their music, but that is because there is no metaphor.

In a song called “Sit Down. Stand Up,” lead singer Thom York repeats the phrase “the rain drops” 46 times. This is simply because as he puts it: “… it sounded good on tape.” Here we find how at times their lyrics go beyond the border of being confined to just one meaning. Words that run off course… just off enough for us to input our own personal meaning. Like an imagination detour of some sort.

Creatively Courageous

Lacking fear of expanding their musical horizons Radiohead seeks to explore new ideas rather than old tired beliefs. Their music is like when you taste a food dish that your pallet has never tasted before. You find it incredibly delicious, becoming entirely engrossed in such a deliciously pleasing flavor. The same you find in this musical album except pleasing to the ear rather than the mouth. The Basic reason to like this CD is that it is innovating, quite unique, and characteristically distinguished.

A Sweet Synergy of Sounds

Strongly, I call this album melodic. For it is mostly mellow and slow paced. These instrumentally profound pieces are equal to a rock whisper. Not much louder than most soft rock c.d.’s. Even at its loudest moments “Hail to the Thief” is more about gruff than screams. Lead singer Thom York mostly sings softly becoming high pitched at various points. Only in a couple tracks does he sound rough with a little shade of gruff. Instrumentaly it has its moments of “Everything”.

Everything meaning a little of this and a little of that. Most songs are slow and calm. (“Sail to the Moon” and “We Suck Young Blood” are two examples) A few start slow and then their followed by a transformation. A metamorphosis into a fast and fun song. (“Sit Down. Stand Up.” is one like this and “2+2=5” is the funnest song in this whole disk.

Taking you from a smooth slow start to a pace change that inspires you to shake and then shake some more.) Something too that you will encounter, is the use of computer generated sounds. Its not however the type to get confused with Techno. (Trash) Rather, its more like experimental sounds that are digitally produced. In Radiohead’s “Hail to the Theif” you receive soft smooth music that grabs you attention and runs with it. To contrary of placing you in a deep sleep coma.

The Gist

If you seek to listen to music that pokes at your curiosity, these are the songs you must seek. Infused with intelligence, this musical album has a unique voice.

Dark and Wrapped in Weirdness, its the kind of music that I love to love and that Im sure you will too.

To me.. its my sadistic fix, with music in the mix.


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