Top Ten Songs by Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode has been one of the most influential bands on the scene. They have had an ever evolving sound and seem to reflect the voice of the current generations. Bands and artists are using them to inspire new versions of great songs and are invoking love and hate when compared to the original versions.

Here are my picks for the top ten songs by Depeche Mode.
I chose them because they had meaning to me during moments in my life. The songs have strong memories, some good some bad, but they all have meaning.

10. Precious – Playing The Angel – Released on October 3rd, 2005
9. Strange Love – Music for the Masses – Released 1987
8. Walking in my shoes – Songs of faith and devotion – Released1993
7. Master and Servant – Some Great Reward – Released1984
6. World in my eyes – Violator – Released 1990
5. A pain that I’m used to – Playing the Angel – Released 2005
4. Only when I lose myself – The Singles 86>98 -Released 1998
3. Never let me down again – Music for the Masses – Released 1987
2. Enjoy the silence – Violator – Released 1990
1. Personal Jesus – Violator – Released 1990

The albums that I picked my songs from are full of other songs that are strong. I chose the ones from these albums because they are the ones that stick out for me. If you haven’t heard them I recommend playing the whole albums. Unlike a lot of albums you should listen to them as a whole and enjoy them start to finish. They were designed to be a journey of emotions and feeling.

Tributes to Depeche Mode have ranged from Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Meat Beat Manifesto, Hooverphonic and even Smashing Pumpkin. All the bands bring their own style but the music is distinctively Depeche Mode. The dark beats with sounds of harmony and melody rising and falling. When listened to on a great stereo the music surrounds you and lifts you up and takes you around corners of your mind and lets you explore your dark side safely.

Even as Depeche Mode has change they have stayed true to their fans. They have also stayed true to themselves. They have kept their music dark and light, full of sound and vision, unique. They have been copied with and without success. But but they are always at the forefront of the music scene.

I expect great things to come from Depeche Mode and I look forward to the new sounds they bring to the world of music. They will create sounds for us to dance to, cry to and just enjoy as a whole. Their future will still be fresh and grand. Large sounds to a large world. They are on the world stage and truly a world band.

I hope listening to them brings a new found appreciation to your collection of music. I know they have brought me great joy and helped me in my sorrows. If you start with anything I would start with the collections that Depeche Mode has put out. The collections are a great summary of all their albums. Or if you are looking for something in your generation you should look to the albums from your decade.

With all the venues from concerts, film concerts and Internet events, Depeche Mode is a working band and is readily available to see, hear and feel. I rank them up there as one of the top act in the industry. Every new show is new and fresh.

Please checkout the internet source for more information on Depeche Mode. Support legal downloads from your favorite sites. Or even better enjoy a real record on a real phonograph.

Enjoy the music.

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