Cafe Borgia in Soho has Best Veggie Burger in NYC

You can find just about anything your heart desires in New York City, including one of the best-tasting veggie burgers you’ve ever tasted. Soho’s Cafe Borgia offers comfortable, outdoor seating, of if you’re looking to escape the summer heat or winter cold, tables inside the air-conditioned interior. Tarantino’s surprisingly reasonable menu features a wide range of delectable foods, including a steak salad for carnivores, but the menu’s most remarkable item is a homemade veggie burger that is giant enough to take home and make two meals out of.

Cafe Borgia’s veggie burger isn’t the typical frozen-then-heated veggie burger that most other restaurants will give you. For one, it’s not packed with soy and wheat fillers; instead, it’s a veggie burger that’s packed with, believe it or not, actual vegetables. It looks and tastes pea-based, with chunks of veggies ranging from carrots to lima beans. Yes, you can tell your grandmother that you ate your lima beans … and they actually tasted good.

Now, an exquisite veggie burger like this simply cannot be paired with regular, run-of-the-mill fries. Cafe Borgia loads up the plate with a healthy amount of fries made from sweet potatoes, which contain much more vitamins than white potatoes. Plus, not only are they healthier than fries made from white potatoes, they’re also tastier. Their slightly sweet flavor complements the burger well, making it an all-around, feel-good meal.

The next time you hunger for a veggie burger, you know where to go … Cafe Borgia.

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