Tips to Throwing a Great Halloween Party

Do you want to have a Halloween Party this year? Here are some ideas to make your party a success!

Tip#1 Get Some Great Soundtracks
Every party needs music. Select music that you know your friends will like. But also include Halloween classics such as The Monster Mash. A great idea is to ask your friends to bring music they like and to ask if they have any Halloween favorites. This will ensure that you have a wide variety of music, and also have music that your guests will be sure to like.

Tip#2 Put On a Spooky Flick
Why not put on a Halloween-themed movie on your television set? People may not watch the entire thing, but chances are they will talk about their favorite scenes – or everyone will get scared when the scary scenes come up! It will be a great conversation piece. Put the volume at a reasonable level so everyone can talk. Great choice include the Halloween or Scream movies, but also look at getting the old black and white classics like Frankenstien or Dracula or Bell, Book and Candle.

Tip#3 Have A Variety of Snacks and Treats
Whether you are serving dinner, or just dessert and snacks – have a variety of foods to choose from. Many people are going to be looking for low calorie or low carb selections, even though it is a party they still will want to stick to their diets.

Tip#4 Tell A Spooky Tale
A great idea for your Halloween party is to invite everyone to tell a ghost story. Put it on the invitation so everyone is offered ahead of time to bring one if they want to. You could hold a little contest to see who could tell the scariest or funniest or craziest ghost story – and people could win little prizes. (You can get cute prizes at your local dollar store for example).

Tip#5 Hold A Costume Contest
What is a Halloween party without costumes? Well, its just a party on just about any other night I guess. Halloween is totally made for dressing up. Consider having a little Halloween costume party contest for most creative, unique, scariest etc. costumes and have people win little prizes.

Tip# 6 Create Some Atmosphere
Everyone’s taste is different – so what may appeal to one person may not appeal to another. Classic decorations for Halloween include cobwebs, ghosts, witches, black cats, brooms, pumpkins (and other gourds), candles. Not everything has to be all black and orange to be Halloween-y though, get creative and trust your own intuition. Maybe purple is a better choice. Maybe gray is a great choice. Get inspiration from your favorite spooky movies and Halloween stories.

Tip#7 Have A Little Trivia
Create a trivia contest about Halloween and spooky movies. Give it to people as they come in the door. Where was the Headless Horseman from? What is the Bride of Frankenstein’s name? Who played Mike Myers in Halloween? See who gets the most answers correct.

Tip#8 Tell The Future
Have someone at your party give fortunes of some kind. They could read tarot cards or people’s palms. You can read about most fortune telling arts in books that can be found in the library or at bookstores. You could also consider hiring a professional psychic for the evening, this is a popular thing to do on Halloween.

Tip#9 Add A Childhood Treat
Consider adding a childhood memory of Halloween to your party. Everyone has fond memories of Halloween from their childhoods. Something like bobbing for apples, or make popcorn balls or caramel apples or Rice Krispie treats.

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