How to Prevent Honey from Crystallizing

Honey is one of the finest natural products, having the ability to cure and prevent countless diseases. The process in which honey becomes solid is called crystallization. When separated from water, honey’s glucose crystallize. Keep in mind that glucose of honey is less soluble as compared to fructose. If the honey has crystallized, you can put it in the microwave oven to dissolve it; however, in order to make full use of the honey, it is highly recommended that you prevent it from crystallizing in the first place.

One of the simplest ways of preventing crystallization is to place the honey in a freezer, although you would have to thaw before it can be poured easily.

Things Required:

– Honey
– Ice cube tray
– Plastic wrap


  • 1

    Pour honey into ice cubes

    In order to prevent honey from crystallizing, the first step is to arrange ice cubes according to the quantity of honey you have. For individual servings, pour honey into the ice cube trays. However, if you desire to store a large quantity of honey, it is recommended that you use a larger container.

  • 2

    Wrap the ice cubes with plastic bags

    Plastic bags are easily available in grocery stores. Once you have put the honey into the ice cubes or a container, you need to wrap them with plastic bags. You can now put the ice cubes or the container, wrapped with plastic bags, into the freezer. The honey however, will not freeze but it will become thicker. The plastic bags do not allow any freezer odours to seep through, which means that your freezer will remain clean even if the trays tip.

  • 3

    Usage of the cubes

    Whenever you feel like using honey in any recipe, you can take the required number of cubes out and put them in the recipe. However, it is highly recommended that you place the cubes on a counter for a few minutes before using them because this would make it easy for you to stir the honey in any mixture. Keep in mind that one cube of honey contains about one tablespoon, so use the cubes in recipes accordingly.

  • 4

    Defrosting honey in a container

    If you have stored honey in a larger container instead of ice cubes, you also freeze that. However, it needs to be remembered that you would have to defrost the container for approximately half an hour before using it.

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