Call of Duty: World at War Review

Call of Duty World at War by Treyarch is a game that will continue to entertain long after bringing it home. Aside from the great game play and graphics, the multiplayer and Nazi Zombie online play is addicting. The game play is pretty realistic in terms of what you would see in a war scenario. With blood and guts, it easily earns its mature rating.

The game setting is in the final days of World War 2 on the European and Pacific battlefields at a time when the German’s are being pushed back from the front lines. The campaign length is just about right to keep you engaged and feeling like you got a good value from the purchase. Keifer Sutherland is one of the famous actors that has his voice featured in the game.

The game play is typical of Call of Duty and some other war type games where you fight alongside your allies killing the enemy going through each level to get to your checkpoints. There are a plethora of guns from the World War 2 era to choose from. Some you are equipped with and others you can pick up from enemies you have killed. There are grenade launchers, bazookas, rifles, machine guns, bolt action, semi automatic, pistols and other specialized weapons. The game can be played with up to 4 players and up to 18 in the online multiplayer mode.

The best part of this game that sets it apart from the other Call of Duty games is the online Nazi Zombie game that is unlocked after you beat the game. There is a free map that is relatively small but challenging. The way the Nazi Zombie game works is that you start in a house with up to 3 other players. The windows are boarded up and zombies approach the house from the outside trying to get in. The first level is very easy, but each level more and more zombies come that are stronger and faster. The key is to board up the windows and conserve ammo while accumulating points so that you can buy the best weapons in the latter rounds.

Map packs have been added to the online play which includes 3 additional maps for the Nazi Zombie game. These maps are larger and offer perks, more guns, and other fun surprises that are sure to entertain for many hours. If you are into killing zombies, there is no other game that compares to this zombie-killing experience.

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