Camacho Havana Cigars

I have to admit that I like the Camacho line of cigars, as they always seem to provide a consistently full bodied smoking experience. Handmade in the Honduras, they continue the tradition of strong cigars from this Central American country, without allowing any harshness to ruin a good after dinner smoke. These are not for beginners, due to their complex robust flavors, but are fine for anyone who’s had at least thirty cigars under his belt. I recently had their Havana edition, which is not as strong as their SLR’s or Corojo’s, but it still packs enough of a punch to let you know you are smoking a bona fide Honduran cigar.

The Havana’s are hard to find, and I had to shop at three stores to obtain one. I am not sure if this is due to their popularity, or vendors preferring to stock the rest of their line, so buy a bunch if you find them. These are among the prettiest cigars from Honduras, with a attractive wrapper and band that are very appealing. Both are a gold color, and it is almost a shame to have to cut this cigar. A guillotine cut will allow for a huge amount of smoke volume, although lighting can be an arduous process. It takes awhile to get this cigar to light, so I would recommend using a butane lighter with three flames. Sometimes these burn unevenly.

These cigars hold up nicely throughout the entire smoke, and a Toro(6×50 size) will last for about an hour. At $4.50, they are a great value, and the aging of tobaccos is excellent. This used to be a problem for Camacho’s, but the last few years has seen an increased attention to quality controls. The flavor is strong, albeit tempered by hints of coffee with a woody background. You will immediately notice a robust pepper taste upon lighting, and it is a bit overwhelming for a couple of minutes. Thankfully, it seems to become a background flavor as the cigar cools, and it adds an extra level of sophistication to this product. The Camacho Havana pairs nicely with a blended whiskey, and it is an ideal treat for an after dinner smoke.

Although difficult to find, these are great smokes that truly reflect the high quality of the Camacho line. For less experienced smokers, they are the preferred cigar when trying a Camacho for the first time. Seasoned smokers will enjoy the high standards of tobacco cultivation, and the fact that it has enough bite to be far from considered mild. The Havana’s come in a variety of sizes, but are only offered with the natural wrappers. Try a few today, and see how Camacho has created another winning cigar.

Construction: 19/20

Lighting: 14/20

Appearance: 19/20

Taste: 37/40

Overall: 89/100

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