How to Install a New Shower Door

If you would like the more refined look than you currently have with shower curtain, then you may want to consider purchasing a sliding shower door to upgrade your look. There are many types to choose from, according to your style and needs. Just some of the examples of door types readily available on today’s market are glass doors with various finishes, such as bronze, brass, brushed, or chrome; doors with etched, designed, plain, opaque, or clear glass. There are also doors that open on one side only, from either side, or that swing out. Installation is fairly simple and the price is generally very reasonable.

The first thing you need to do is get your measurements. These will come in handy when you are shopping for your door.

Then you need to gather your supplies. You will need the following:

A shower door and installation kit
Drill Bits
Masking Tape
Carpenter’s Pencil
Caulk Gun
100% Waterproof, Silicone Caulk
Wall Anchors

Install the bottom track: Your first step towards installation is going to be installing the bottom track. Keeping in mind that the track will not run the entire length of tub because there must be room for the side channels, you can cut the track with a hacksaw to fit, if it is too long. Hold the track in place with beads of silicone. Some directions will tell you to then put duct tape on it to secure it until the silicone is dry and holding the track very firmly. Just an aside, masking tape works just as well and the tape residue is a lot easier to clean up afterwards.

Make sure the sides are straight: When putting up the sides, use a level to make sure you are putting them up straight. Take your carpenter’s pencil and mark the holes for where your wall anchors are going to go, then drill the holes and insert the anchors. Put your sides back into place and screw them in securely.

Use a hacksaw to trim the top track: When doing the top track, use your hacksaw to cut it if it is too long. Keep in mind that it will run longer than the bottom track did because it has more to cover (the tops of your sides that you just installed). Use the drill to screw your top track into the side ones.

Attach wheels and position the doors on the tracks: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to attach the small wheels onto the shower doors. Then carefully position your doors into your tracks. Lift them one at a time, being careful as you do. Slide them into the tracks they will go in and they will pop your door wheels into place. Placing the doors is simply a matter of lining up tracks and putting them into place. If any accessories came with the door (handles, towel racks, etc.) install them as directed.

Seal with silicone caulk: Use your caulk gun to apply silicone caulk all around the interior and exterior of the doors and allow to dry.

You have now successfully updated the look of your bathroom.

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