Camping Gifts Under $20 for Adults

It’s easy to shop for those outdoors-y types if you know where to look. Check out some cool (yet affordable) gadgets and must-have holiday gift ideas for people who love to camp.

L.L. Bean-
Wind ‘N Go Flashlight: Avid campers know that when dark comes, flashlights are necessary. They also know how irritating it is when the flashlight batteries burn out mid-evening hike. A reliable flashlight is key for a campout lover. That’s why you simply can’t go wrong with this Wind ‘N Go flashlight Here’s how it works: The user manually winds, or cranks, the pullout cranking arm for one minute, which in turn charges the lithium battery that powers the LED light for 30 minutes of usage. Each minute the user cranks charges the flashlight for a half-hour of battery power. No plug in re-chargers or spare batteries are required. Plus, it’s small and comes in a variety of cool colors, like silver, yellow, and red. And, priced just under $20, this is a perfect gift for someone staying on a budget.

NightFinder II Travel Alarm Clock:
Who needs an alarm clock when camping, one might wonder. But even travelers who enjoy roughing it will appreciate the handy features of this compact, durable, battery-powered alarm clock. Aside from it’s illuminating screen and non-slip bottom, this alarm does more than tell the time. It tells temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements. So not only can the user set the alarm to ensure a morning wake-up in time to catch the sunrise, but they’ll also know how many layers to pile on for their morning activities. Also priced just under $20, this makes a great complementary gift to the flashlight. And, with various color options, you can even match the two.

Tea-zer Tea Tumbler:
This plastic tea tumbler comes in a variety of colors: pomegranate, sage green, clear, spring water, and red. It is made of durable double-wall AS plastic and does not absorb the odors or flavors from previous brews, so tea will come out tasting great time after time. Intended for brewing loose-leaf tea on the go, the Tea-zer comes with a stainless steel brewing basket for loose leaves and drops inside the lid for steeping. The lid prevents spilling so the user can brew as they go. Perfect for people who love the wilderness and tea! And priced around a mere $14, your wallet will think this is the perfect gift, too!

Rome Square Pie Iron: Campers have to eat to keep up energy for hiking and walking, but camp food is not known for its yummy flavor. Limited cooking tools and storage make eating good food hard for campers. This pie iron, priced at $16.00 is a great gift for any outdoor lover on your Christmas shopping list. It’s camping cooking utensil acts like a metal case that can be enclosed over sandwiches, meats, nuts or, as the name suggests, pot pies. When held over a roaring fire, the cast-iron shell helps heat the food without letting it go up in flames.

Adventure Medical UltraLight .5 Medical Kit-
All people who love the outdoors still know that living outside for days and nights on end can be dangerous. Campers are vulnerable to bites and stings, falls, scrapes and scratches, and even blisters from hiking or walking. No camper should brave the elements totally unprepared and this UltraLight Medical Kit contains all the essential First Aid items, but leaves out bulky, weighty items like metal cases. It contains sterile dressings in multiple sizes, anti-histamines, pain relievers, and “wound management” items such as ointments, butterflies, and towelettes, and several more essential items. All items are packed in an airtight, lightweight Aloksak bag that is waterproof up to 200 feet. And the price tag is a mere $17. Just think that $17 could save someone’s life.

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