Canada’s Massive Seal Hunt and the Clubbing of Baby Seals

It is that time of year once again, where big strong men warm themselves by the fire in anticipation of the hunt. They gather their clubs, lovingly oiled the night before. They head out onto the ice, stalking their prey. A few swings, and it’s all over; at least most of the time. There is of course a few that want to play, like a cat batting a mouse. There are others also, that are working men, trying to support their families that at least have the decency to bring a gun to end it all quickly. But these “human beings” are few and far between, the majority of those slipping on the wet blood slicked ice are laughing psychotically as they go about their pleasure.

These so-called “men” are the type that will club anything that is weaker then they are. If you happen to be of the same strength, or anywhere close to it, do not chance turning your back as this is when they will strike. Or if met in large numbers, they will all of sudden become very brave in a group but if ever challenged one on one, will tuck their tails between their legs and run.

Anyone, whose highlight in life, the event that they wait for all year, is to flex their muscles at something my two year old daughter could kill, is nothing short of a coward. You do not have to be an animal rights activist to be disgusted at the sight of grown men torturing small creatures for kicks.

I dated a guy; along time ago that was a deer hunter. His family had a cabin that they went to every year. He was not a cruel man, and he was disgusted by waste. A few times he came across a carcass lying in the woods and was angry that someone had killed simply to get a trophy. Well, in Canada the only trophy that the clubbing of baby seals produce are the blood stained clothes they can snuggle up with until next year. There might be even be a picture or two that can be framed of a “man” holding up his limp and sometimes still whimpering bounty. Always smiling like he was a knight that went into a dragon’s lair.

Now, I eat meat, I even wear leather. But I know that, in this country, if a farmer was ever caught bludgeoning his stock to death because he was too much of a hick to buy a gun and do the job right, there would be a public outcry. There is a public outcry in Canada as well, many citizens protesting that annual clubbing of baby seals, yet no one, including their government, is listening to them.

That is were we come in. You can start by checking out the resource page listed below this article on how you can help. I will warn you though; that any video footage or pictures you choose to view at these websites is disturbing to say the least. Though, one has to ask, if we do manage to take away these “humans” sick playground, what activities will their psychotic minds conjure up next when they want to play?

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