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Personally, I’ve always loved this site. After the easy registration and online resume builder, I was able to save the catagory and and location of where I want to search. So, every time I go to, the first thing I see is a link to click on that says: See All Blackwood Admin & Clerical Jobs. This means that I only have to enter in what I’m looking for once, and from there on I only have to search and keep my resume updated.

When I need to update my resume, it can be done easily and directly on their website. Unlike other job sites, I don’t have to change the resume with Microsoft Word and upload it again. I simply click on “Post Resume” and after that, “Manage Your Resumes.” From there, I only have to choose which part I want to edit and click “Save.”

Let’s say I decided to change the location of where I want to search for a job or the catagory I want to look in. Not a problem. Although the location I wanted and the job catagories to look in were saved, changing both is only one click away. I click on “Find Jobs” and I’m brought to a page where I can choose to narrow or broaden my search.

Okay, so we’ve covered uploading resumes, searching, and so forth, but how about the job searches themselves? Believe me, there are PLENTY of postings on this site and a wide variety of them as well. I can always find at least one employer per day to send my resume to. In addition, I find it much more organized when I’m looking at the postings than you would usually find on other sites. In the first column is the location of the business, In the second column, the title of the position, status (full or part-time), salary (if listed), and brief description of the position. The third column lists the name of the company and the fourth column the date it was posted. Not today’s date (which is listed on many sites when the posting is listed for more than one day), but the date the ad was actually POSTED. This way, you’re not the last to apply for a job. You can easily search for jobs that have been posted recently.

Again, I have to say that this is by far the best job site I’ve used yet. It’s easy to use, it’s free, and you won’t find yourself working overtime just to find a new job.

Overall Rating: * * * * *
(Out of 5 Stars)

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