We went to bed early the night before, so that we would have alot of strength. We got up around 7 am and we were in the car by 8am. We arrived at Carowinds for an exciting day. The children’s faces lit up, as they went up in the air on the blue and red airplanes. The River raft boats were made for two children. They were yellow rafts with brown seats inside of them to sit on. The children smiled from ear to ear, as the float rounded the corner. The carousel sat in the middle of the children’s play area. It’s big white top invited you to hop aboard for a horse ride. The train went around the park on the iron rails. It was relaxing to rest
on the train. Yellow swings were a blast with metal chains hooked to them. The balloon ride seated 4 people, two on each side. The brown basket had a metal plate at the opening. Plastic cords attached the basket to the colored balloon above. The child’s sky lift went up, in the air enough, to look at all the rides in the children’s area. It is blue and white, with air conditioning inside. When the children were small we spent all day in the children’s area, they road the rides over and over again. By the end of the day they were exhausted.

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