Product Review: Hitachi DB3DL Cordless Screwdriver

The Hitachi DB3DL is a cordless screwdriver. The tool proves useful when you find the need to install or remove screws in tight spaces. Measuring approximately nine inches long and weighing less than a pound, the screwdriver is compact enough to fit into these spaces easily. You can find the Hitachi DB3DL for an average price of $80. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by this cordless screwdriver.

The motor in the Hitachi DB3DL can power the screwdriver at different speeds. It can provide either 200 or 600 rotations per minute. This allows you to choose the perfect speed setting based on the amount of control you need. Also, the motor provides an impressive 44 inch/pounds of torque to turn the screws.

The Hitachi DB3DL is powered by a 3.6-volt lithium ion battery. This type of battery can provide power more than three times as long as NiCd batteries. These batteries also weigh considerably less than NiCd and NiMH batteries, which helps reduce the overall weight of the cordless screwdriver.

Since you will likely be using this screwdriver in tight spaces, you may find it hard to see exactly what you’re doing. Fortunately, the Hitachi DB3DL cordless screwdriver is equipped with a built-in LED light. The handle also enables you to work in tight spaces easily. The dual-position handle can convert from straight to a pistol-grip handle quickly. The pistol-grip configuration allows you to reach tight areas better than the straight configuration.

The Hitachi DB3DL is equipped with a 1/4-inch hex chuck. The unit features a forward and reverse switch that allows you to change the direction that the bit is turning with the simple push of a button. Also, the hex chuck is designed so that you can change bits quickly and easily.

If you don’t want to use the motor all of the time, you will appreciate the spindle lock. The spindle lock allows you to tighten screws manually. The Hitachi DB3DL also offers a drilling mode that’s useful for drilling small pilot holes. You will also have 21 different clutch settings that enable you to drive fasteners into wood or drywall easily.

If you’re looking for a quality cordless screwdriver, then you should take a look at the Hitachi DB3DL. It is compact enough to fit into tight spaces easily. The motor provides 44 inch/pounds of torque and can spin the bit at either 200 or 600 rotations per minute. Also, the Hitachi DB3DL is powered by a 3.6-volt lithium ion battery that lasts about three times as long as NiCd designs.

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