Give Your Chairs a New Look!

Every weekend I decide to get creative, or be productive. Usually I end up watching DIY network for hours instead. I get overwhelmed with ideas and end up doing nothing. Sometimes I even make it to Home Depot only to find that the task I wished to complete is totally out of my price range. This weekend I had to say “not this weekend!”

This time I got motivated and did something. My project was covering my kitchen table chairs. Sometimes you just need to update. I was tired of looking at my bland cream colored seats. I needed to bring my chairs to life!

Well my first and only stop was the fabric store. I think the best way to do this is to look at all of the fabrics get a feel for the colors and the patterns you like. Then head to the discounted section. There are lots of perfectly fine fabrics there. Lots of colors and patterns that are just as good as any of the expensive fabrics. Pick your fabric; about two yards covered four of my chairs. Then head to find a glue gun or a staple gun. I opted for the glue gun. You can find a good glue gun for around five dollars and the glue sticks about 30 in a pack for about $2.00. Now you have all the supplies you need! That is if you have scissors at home he he.

Once home, lay the fabric flat and measure out how much you will need for each chair. Make sure you leave enough to pull the fabric tight around the edges. Cut the fabric into 4 equal pieces. If the fabric is wrinkly make sure you iron it. Then lay the seat pad of the chair upside down on the piece of fabric you have cut for it. Start by pulling one side tight and gluing down. Then pull the opposite side tight and glue it down. Wrap the corners like you were wrapping a gift and secure them with a dab of clue as well. Then you want to pull the other two sides tight making sure there are no wrinkles and that the fabric is pulled tight in all directions. Then just place your cushions back onto the chair. You do not even have to remove the fabric that the chair originally came with.

I bet your thinking that this all sounds too easy. The great thing is that it really is easy! In less than two hours I had brand new chairs. You can have new chairs for less than $20.00. The hardest part is picking out the fabric. So if your chairs need a pick-em up, this is a simple and inexpensive way to give them a new look.

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