The Self Cleaning Litter Box – Clean Up Made Quick and Easy

Cats can make for really great pets. I have 2 of them myself and they have provided our family with endless pleasure over the years. We really feel like they are our children at times. If you have cats you will know what I mean. I know that at times they need taken care of like children! What I mean by that is that messy old litter box.

With an indoor cat a litter box is a must. The problem is it can get out of hand in a hurry. You have to continually clean it out and the smell is not a bed of roses to say the least. Well, something has recently come along that is changing all of this. It is called the self cleaning litter box. It’s a shame this invention took so long!

I have never seen anything so cool for our cats. It completely eliminates the mess, fuss, and the smell. Like most all new products, when these self cleaning litter boxes first came out they cost upwards of $200 plus. Fortunately, the price has dropped significantly.

Cleaning up after 2 cats can be quite a hassle. They fill up the litter box every two days it seems. Getting the kids to clean it out is like a trip to the dentist to have teeth pulled. So, we made the decision to buy one of these new litter boxes.

It is fascinating to watch how they work. You have the basic litter box that your kitten goes into and does their thing. After they get out, a signal is sent to a special tool inside the box that looks just like a rake. The rake sweeps through the litter box and automatically scoops out the waste into a plastic bag inside the waste compartment. When the bag gets full you simply take it out and throw it away. Put a new bag inside and you are all set to go again. There is simply no mess and best of all, there is no smell from cleaning out the box!

Another nice aspect of having this type of cat litter box is in how much easier it is to be away from home. Instead of being concerned with a full box, you will know the mess is being taken care of automatically. Where can you find one of these boxes? I would suggest going to a Pets-Mart first. You can also find them online, but I like to actually be able to get my hands on things first. If you have cats at home you should seriously take a look at one of these self cleaning litter boxes.

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