High Gloss Wood Finishes : How to Care for and Maintain the Finish on Your Piano

Caring for the high gloss finish on your piano doesn’t have to be difficult. You just have to know what the proper method is and what to avoid.

Daily or as needed: For general everyday cleaning of a high gloss finish, a light dusting with a soft, cotton is sufficient. Do not use paper of any kind. Wipe lightly in one direction to avoid scratching.

Weekly: Dust as outlined above, then clean the high gloss finish using a slightly dampened cloth, lightly wiping in one direction only. Wipe small sections with the dampened cloth, then follow up with another dry cloth to avoid streaking or water marks.

NEVER: Use paper of any kind on high gloss finished pianos. No matter how fine or soft the paper is, over time it will leave fine scratches that dull the mirror like high gloss finish. Also, never polish or dust using a heavy hand or circular motion.
ALWAYS: Dust lightly before wiping down. Even the tiniest of dust particles can cause scratching on a high gloss finish.
FOR BEST RESULTS: Don’t use old t-shirts or other “rags”. A microfiber cloth is best, but any new, soft cotton cloths will work fine.

MONTHLY: A high gloss piano finish should be polished using a product that is specifically made for high gloss finishes. Spray small sections very lightly, then buff with a clean, soft cotton cloth always polishing in one direction. You must use a product specifically made for a high gloss finish. They can be difficult to find, but you should be able to find them at your local music store or purchase them online as I do. For best results, I have found that Cory Super High-Gloss Piano Polish works very well. This is not an inexpensive polish, but it only takes a small amount and a bottle can easily last a year or more if stored properly.

NEVER: Use standard polishes such as those that contain lemon oil or are silicone based. These can and will damage a high gloss finish and can also cause internal damage to the piano as well.
ALWAYS: Use a product specifically made for a high gloss piano finish. Dust lightly with a feather duster, then polish using soft cotton cloths.
FOR BEST RESULTS: Spray very lightly and polish your high gloss finish piano at least once a month.

Follow the steps outlined above and the stunning high gloss finish on your piano should last a lifetime.

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