How to Clean Your Windows in an Eco Friendly Way

Fall is coming and now is the perfect time to get your windows cleaned before winter. If you have screens and storms, you will want to remove them and wash them, making sure that they are not cracked or broken. This is the perfect time to make certain that your windows are in good condition before the cold winter months. Just because you are going to clean your windows is not any reason to harm the earth with toxic chemicals. Remember that everything that you flush into the sewer system or pour onto the lawn ends of polluting the earth. If you want to clean your windows while being environmentally friendly, you should take the following tips:

Use Green Soap, Water, A Scrub Brush And A Squeegie

The outside of the windows must be washed with soap and water, but that does not mean you have to use soap that contains harsh chemicals. There are plenty of soaps on the market today that are earth friendly. Dish soap is fine for washing windows as it will remove all of the dirt and debris from the outside and inside of the windows. Once the windows are clean and have been squeegied dry, you may want to make them really sparkle in an environmentally friendly way.

Use White Vinegar And Newspaper

Cleaning your windows for fall seems to be a daunting task, but can be done easily, affordably and best of all, environmentally friendly if you follow these tips to clean your windows in a bio friendly way. White vinegar and newspaper will get your windows to shine. Old newspaper should be crumpled up and the white vinegar applied to the paper. This is the most environmentally way to get your windows to shine and is also the most economical. You have just found a way to recycle the newspaper and saved on using paper towels or rags. And the vinegar, an age old remedy for shining windows, will work much better than the toxic window cleaners that are on the market today. Wait for an overcast day to wash your windows as the sun will cause streaks. Fill a pail with some environmentally friendly dish soap and warm water. Using a soft brush, wash the windows gently and then rinse them with another pail of clean water. You can then use the squeegie to remove the excess water and make the windows look clean without leaving any water spots or streaks.

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