Product Review: Stainless Steel Magic Wipes

If you have a lot of stainless steel appliances, knobs, faucets, sinks, etc. in your home, you will find that Stainless Steel Magic Wipes can really help in the clean up of smudges and in keeping your stainless steel, aluminum, and chrome looking shiny and beautiful.

The Stainless Steel Magic Wipes come with 35 pre-moistened towels that help you clean and shine stainless steel appliances and fixtures with ease. The towels are non-abrasive and can easily remove water spots, streaks, and finger marks, while leaving protective shield that repels water, reduces finger marks and makes later cleaning easier. I find it very convenient to use whenever I see fingerprints on the faucet, or refrigerator, all I need is take one towel to wipe the marks and smudges out.

Although the instructions on the container say that you would buff the stainless steel with a rag, I hardly ever do it. Oftentimes, I only use the towels and the smudges and fingerprints disappear right away. I only use the rags when I clean up the body of our stainless steel grill after using.

My husband purchased this Stainless Steel Magic Wipes at Lowes for $5.99. We used to clean our stainless steel appliances with the liquid form of cleaner which we applied using rags and then we buff afterwards. The process was not only time consuming but very tedious. There were times I had to redo because the streaks were not completely gone.

With the Stainless Steel Magic Wipes, however, the process is very easy to do and with very little amount of time needed. Just wipe following the direction of the grain once or twice and the job is done. Also, one container can last a long time. We purchased ours a couple of months ago and we still have plenty of towels left, even with our weekly clean-up schedule we have some more to spare. One towel can go a long way if you maintain your refrigerator well- you would only need one or two the most to clean the surface. You can clean several small appliances using only one towel, so this product can save you some money down the road.

Another reason to trust this product is because it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not think the product works for you, just send them the container with the purchase receipt to get a full refund. For me, I am very satisfied with the results so I am keeping it. I highly recommend the Stainless Steel Magic Wipes and give it a 5-star all the way. I assure you that you will not be disappointed with this product, it really works!

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