Product Review: Rejuvenate Floor Restorer Protectant

Rejuvenate is a floor surface treatment that adds a high gloss shine to those lackluster wood, linoleum and tile floors.

Ease of Use/Performance: 23/25
Convenience/Storage 25/25
Appearance/Design 22/25
How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 92/100

Rejuvenate is one of those hard to ignore products on the infomercials and late night TV commercials that coats the floor with a polymer finish that truly shines. You can use rejuvenate on any wood, tile, linoleum, marble and many other surfaces with relative ease.

Like so many of those infomercial products skepticism abounds and yet I found very few negative comments for Rejuvenate in all my search on the internet. Rejuvenate works extremely well for me and should for you too.

Rejuvenate is a floor restorer and finish that coats the floor in a polymer coating that looks much like very weak milk in the bottle. It takes a very short time to dry, much shorter than the 45 minutes they tell you to let the application dry in the instructions. Of course this will vary upon individual conditions for your home or area when you apply it.

The application is simple and very much like putting down a polyurethane coating on a wood floor and looks almost as good. Clean the floor and wash it with a decent cleaner that will not leave a residue behind, I just used a good floor cleaner and then repeated the cleaning with hot clean water a few times. My test floor will be a chunk of my kitchen linoleum, a very small chunk, and my upstairs wood floor landing.

I tested this on a few squares of linoleum in my kitchen to see how well it works on a plastic linoleum surface and wanted to work mainly on my worst floor. The landing on the upstairs in front of the stairs gets the most wear in my house and it shows the polyurethane is gone in large pieces.

I cleaned the floor and let it dry thoroughly then applied according to the directions. Simply pour on a working area about four feet square or whatever you feel comfortable with. Wipe the coating on in smooth and even strokes with the grain like your painting the floor. The coating goes on smooth and starts to get sticky in a few minutes so you want to work quickly yet smoothly.

Application is really as simple as pouring some on the floor and using the microfiber cloth on a mop head to smooth the stuff on the floor. Make sure you get it as even as possible and look at the floor from a low angle to check, you can see the shinier parts with the Rejuvenate on it. Let it dry when you have applied it the area you want, it really only takes ten minutes or so to dry.

Cleanup of the edges of molding and the microfiber cloth is done with hot water and the microfiber cloth is really clean with no residue of the Rejuvenate in it. You can probably use the cloth for years just applying this stuff. The molding around the edges of my area I cleaned of with a wet cloth and removed all the Rejuvenate I could see.

Once dry I checked the floor to make sure I got it all, a few quick applications to hit the areas that did not get enough and the floor was done. You can do an entire second coat if you want but spot coating works well for missed spots. The stuff dries clear and glossy as well as thin, it’s hard to see the edges and how thin the coating is. Often with polyurethane you can actually see the thickness of the coating on the edges but not with Rejuvenate.

After applying I left it for a few days for the wear test and I see no problems with it a couple of days later, yes time will tell but the stuff seems to handle the wear and tear of daily use. The bottle says you should be good for two months before having to reapply the Rejuvenate. This will depend on how much traffic your area has, of course but it looks really good on my wood floor and the spots I did in my kitchen. You can use your fingernail and scratch the coating off but the same can be done with a urethane or clear coat as well.

I think this product works very well and is a nice change of pace from those kitchen floor coatings that say they gloss and coat the floor but only make it harder to clean later on. The Rejuvenate goes on much like a polyurethane coating and is some kind of polymer but I could not find out what the exact chemical or composition of the product is, trade secret I’m sure.

It also says on the website or the bottle that to remove the Rejuvenate after drying to use orange cleaner or a Ammonia based cleaner which works after some scrubbing. The floor really does bead water well and takes a nice shine even spots of my wood floor that had no polyurethane on it.

Routine mopping should be done with a mild detergent but not a solvent, Ammonia based or orange cleaner as that is what you are supposed to use to remove it. A general household cleaner that does not have a solvent should be used for routine cleaning of the floor you sealed with Rejuvenate.

Of course time will tell if this product works after the application and the several days that have passed since I applied it but it seems to take the wear of constant daily use from my family, including the two hairy four footed ones. I will give an update on this product after a few weeks or so on my new website so check on my Content Producer page for the link to my website.

I highly recommend Rejuvenate for a quick and easy way to bring the shine out in your wood, wood laminate, Parque, vinyl, linoleum, no wax, fiberglass, tile, grout, terrazzo, concrete, marble, slate, flagstone and cork floors.

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