Why Are My Pipes Noisy and How Can I Fix It?

Noisy water pipes are one of the main complaints of homeowners. Pipes can either have squeaking, hammering, or banging sounds. Your pipes are not just making noise for fun. There are some real reasons why water pipes make such loud noises. Now you can understand the noises in your pipes and perhaps silence the problem.

Banging Pipes
Many homeowners have the problem of banging pipes when they turn on the water. This can become extremely annoying when someone decides to take a shower while others are sleeping. Water pipes are typically anchored into place every 8-10 feet vertically and 6-8 feet horizontally. If you pipes bang, you might need a little extra anchoring for your water pipes. Simply add a few straps and see if this solves the problem. If it does not, cushion your pipes with a rubber blanket.

Hammering Water Pipes
When you quickly shut off a water faucet and hear a loud hammering sound, this is called water hammer. There is a few simple causes for this sound. The main cause is water flow slamming to a stop which causes the loud pipe noise. Perhaps your house has loose pipes. This can exacerbate the problem. If your pipes are loose, try anchoring them with extra straps as discussed above.

Another, less common cause for water hammer is a home that has water pressure above 80 psi (pounds of pressure per square inch). It is wise to call a plumber to fix this problem. The higher the psi, the louder the water hammer will be in your pipes.

Squeaking Pipes
Have you ever wondered why your pipes squeak? Have you also wondered why only your hot water pipes squeak? This is because hot water pipes tend to expand. When the pipe expands, it begins to rub against the anchoring straps. The friction created causes the squeaking sound. To solve this annoying squeaking problem, simply add a rubber blanket around the pipe in between the pipe and the strap. Try this in several locations before giving up.

Plumbing problems can be a pain. However, if your worst problem is the noise in you pipes, you have it easy. While some people have to deal with leaks and clogs, you are worried about how loud your hot water pipes squeak. Hopefully these explanations have helped you understand why your pipes make noise and how you can solve the situation.

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