Product Review: GE WWSE5240GWW Washing Machine

The GE WWSE5240GWW is a top-loading washing machine. This super plus capacity machine is capable of holding 3.2 cubic feet. You can buy this washing machine for an average price of $380. Let’s take a look at some of the other features offered by the GE WWSE5240GWW.

This machine machine is equipped with the ExtrAction wash basket. The wash basket used in the GE WWSE5240GWW offers more surface area in order to extract more water from your clothes during the spin cycle. This enables your clothes to dry much faster in your dryer.

The GE WWSE5240GWW washing machine also features the HydroWave wash system. This system offers various speeds depending on the type of fabric used for the clothes that you’re washing. You can choose between five different wash and spin speeds. The lower speeds are more gentle on your clothes and also improves cleaning performance.

The GE WWSE5240GWW also offers four different wash and rinse temperatures. This allows you to choose the exact temperature needed to remove the dirt from your clothes. This feature allows the GE WWSE5240GWW to be more energy efficient. It also helps to reduce wear and tear on the machine.

In addition to the different speeds and temperatures offered, you can also choose different water levels. The GE WWSE5240GWW washing machine features four different water levels. While this helps to conserve more water, it also helps to increase the energy efficiency of the machine.

An imbalanced load can cause problems during the spin cycle of your washing machine. Luckily, the GE WWSE5240GWW comes equipped with an automatic load balancer so you never experience these problems. The machine is also equipped with an LED display complete with cycle status lights.

The GE WWSE5240GWW washing machine is also equipped with built-in bleach and fabric softener dispensers. This will eliminate a lot of hassle when washing your clothes. Another feature that you will like about this washing machine is the little noise that it produces. This reduced noise is due to the sound insulation system built into the GE WWSE5240GWW.

If you’re looking for a conventional top-loading washing machine, you should consider buying the GE WWSE5240GWW. It offers four different wash and rinse temperatures which helps increase energy efficiency. You can also choose between four water levels which helps conserve water. You also won’t experience problems during the spin cycle as the GE WWSE5240GWW is equipped with an automatic load balancer.

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