Casa Del Sol in Fresno, California: Where to Find the Best Apartments

I have lived in Fresno, California for about 38 years. Fresno has grown tremendously since I first moved here. The current population is close to 500,000. I have lived in apartments most of those 38 years. I have one favorite apartment complex which I have actually lived in at three different times in my life. The first time I lived there was when I was just married, the next time was after my then husband and I had just come back from living in Illinois for a year. The third time was years later when I was single. The last time I lived there, it was for about seven years.

My Favorite Apartment Complex in Fresno

My favorite apartment complex in Fresno is called Casa Del Sol, one of many complexes owned by San Mar Properties. One of the best features is that it is a gated one story complex. The landscaping is beautiful and well maintained. There are large areas of green grass and huge trees. There is a huge gated outdoor swimming pool, surrounded by giant Palm trees, you will see as you drive up toward the complex. Also for potential renters the apartment rental office is easily found a few feet before you get to the pool. For visitors there are plenty of parking spaces, including disabled parking spaces and wheelchair access to the office. On the outside wall map of the office there is a map of the entire apartment complex. Other outdoor features include covered parking spaces for the tenants, an outdoor storage closet, (where I would store my Christmas tree) an outdoor cement table and benches and two huge laundry facilities. Also, some of the apartments include huge patios. Many residents live there for years, it’s like a small community, filled with friendly neighbors.

Take a Step Inside

The front room area is extra large with two large picture windows, which I love. There’s a hook up for cable tv. The carpet is a neutral color somewhere between ivory and tan. I personally love lots of wall space in the living room to fit all my furniture into. I fit a large couch, love seat, chair and ottoman and a large oak cabinet/entertainment center in my living room. During the Christmas holiday season, I’m even able to bring in my artificial six-foot Christmas tree, (which almost touches the ceiling) inside there with just a little rearranging.

The Kitchen and Dining Area

The kitchen has plenty of storage space. There’s lots of cupboard space and even a pantry. There’s plenty of counter space as well. The cupboards are an oak color. Another thing I love. The stove is self cleaning, the freezer is self defrosting, there is a dishwasher, (an absolute must for me) and garbage disposal. Then there is the separate dining room, (with a ceiling fan) which is big enough for an oval table and six chairs for when you have quests over.

The Bedrooms and Bathroom

The bedrooms are also extra large, have a large walk-in closet and a large picture windows. The master bedroom is especially large. I had a super size California King bed, a large, wide chest of drawers, two side dressers and a huge plant, (more like a small tree) in my room. The spare bedroom is fairly good sized as well. I had a large oak computer desk, a treadmill, table and a small bookcase in my spare room. This room also has a large window.

The bathroom has cupboard space underneath the sink, and a pull out drawer above more cupboard space, plus a nedicine cabinet. There is also a linen closet in the hallway near by. There is a large mirror with six round bulbs above it. The counter is a little larger then medium size. The bath/shower includes sliding doors.

Statistics and Pricing

The median rent in Fresno is $728. The current rent for a one bedroom apartment at Casa Del Sol is $655 per month and is 720 square feet. The current rent for a two-bed room apartment at Casa Del Sol is $745 and is 880 square feet. Many apartment complexes in the same area are much more expensive and most are two story complexes. Most do not allow pets. Many of the neighborhoods are less then desirable.

Small Pets are Allowed

If you’re a pet lover like I am, you wouldn’t even consider giving your pet away for a place to live. Small cats and dogs are allowed. You used to be able to let them go outside, though dogs must be on a leash and you must clean up after them. I even had a neighbor that had a cat that wore a leash. My cat would never do that. In fact my cat almost got me kicked out of my apartment. My cat is the sweet, affectionate, friendly and loving as can be to people. He’s a fighter when it comes to other cats. One tenant complained he was beating up her cat. Another tenant complained because at night my cat was trying to get to her cat through the mailbox slot in the door and waking her up every night. She tried to stuff a towel in the slot, but that didn’t work either. My cat had become the terror of the complex. I was told my cat had to become an inside cat from now on or I would have to move. I chose to make him an inside cat, which he didn’t like too much at first. He would howl at the front door for months. He finally gave up and adjusted to the fact he had to stay inside.

Location, Location, Location

Casa Del Sol is located in North East Fresno. Since Fresno’s growth it has become the center of town. You will find banks, restaurants, one of our largest shopping malls in town. Also near by are smaller shopping centers for unique gift shopping, a large grocery store for grocery shopping, and a gas station with a convenience store. You will find bus stops near by. In addition you have close access to Freeway 41. You won’t have to travel far to go anyplace.


As if all this is not enough, every anniversary you live there you get a card thanking you being a good tenant. When you look inside your card, you will find a letter with a list of free services to choose from. You can have your windows cleaned for free, the top of your stove cleaned for free, or free new mini blinds for one of your windows. There were lots of other free choices, but I can’t remember them all. I always chose free mini blinds because of my cat bending them and also because they were so hard to keep clean. I don’t know of many apartment complexes that offer you a free service once a year. They also offer promotions. Everyone who pays their rent on or before the first of the month has a chance to win free rent for a month! Another promotion is that you have a chance to earn $100.00 if you’ve referred someone to move into Casa Del Sol.


I enjoy photography and I have some of my own pictures outside of the apartment complex. You can see more outdoor photos and more information by looking at the internet web site for San Mar Properties and the apartment finder rental guide on the web. I will give you the internet web sites where you can see more of Casa Del Sol. You will be able to see why I have loved living in that nice, quiet, friendly community.

A Bit of History About San Mar Properties

San Mar Properties manages many different types of properties, including single family homes, apartment complexes, historic properties and commercial office buildings. The company was started in1981 by Marc and Sandra Wilson. The San Mar Properties motto is “Sincere Pride in The Service We Provide.” San Mar Properties has been designated as an Accredited Management Organization by the Institute of Real Estate Management, which is only given to a select group, (approximately 650 nationwide). In 2006 San Mar Properties won The Best Company to Work for Award. San Mar Properties was also given an award from the Better business Bureau in 2007.

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