Got a New Puppy Some Tips to Help You

When our beagles died several years ago it was really hard to live without them. Around three years ago we bought this adorable little yorkie poo, we named her Samantha, she was this tiny white bundle of fur and she would fall asleep in your hands. When we got her we wanted to assure that our home was a safe place for her so we went around just as if we had a baby in the house and puppy proofed the home

Here are some tips that I would like to extend to those of you who are thinking about getting a pupply. These little creatures give you unconditional love and that is always good. So let’s try to keep them safe while they are under our protection. Now you have to get down to the puppy’s level and see what he or she is going to see.

– Make sure that all poisonous household items are securely stored out of the puppy’s reach.

– Check the plants that you have in your home, some of them may be harmful to the puppy if he or she nibbles on the leaves or roots.

– Check to see if there are any dangling electrical cors that the puppy can chew on, get them out of their reach.

– Don’t leave plastic bags around, a puuppy will think that this is a toy and can easily sufficate.

– Make sure that you have plenty of water and food available for your puppy.

– If your puppy falls asleep, let the little thing sleep, you can play with her or him later when they are rested.

– Bring the puppy home at the begining of the weekend, this way it gets you and your family a chance to interact with the puppy and to let the puppy feel at home and welcomed.

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