Cat-Caused Rashes

noticed the other day that my little girl had what looked like little pimples on her finger from where our kitten had scratched her. Later I found out by looking online and asking a nurse that she most likely had “Cat Scratch Disease” also known as “Cat Scratch Fever.” If you are anything like me you didnt even know there was such a thing but there is.

Before I get started I want to point out no one is 100% sure why people get cat scratch fever but most get them after getting a scratch from a cat. But this does not mean a dog, porcupine, tick or something else didnt cause it, sometimes the person hasnt even been near any of the above but still has it.


Pimples (look like little white or brown bumps with puss) around the area you/your child was scratched.

Sore throat


Swollen lymph nodes


Within 3-7 days after a cat scratch little bumps will appear in the infected area (where the cat scratch occurred). It will probably take a few weeks and then the lymph nodes will swell and sometimes drain out puss. Place a warm cloth or heating pad on the area to relieve the discomfort. Most patients get better on their own within 3 weeks, only severe cases have needed antibiotics. Antibiotics do seem to speed up the recovery process, but is not necessary. It has been known that some people get “Cat Scratch Fever” without even knowing it, they get a slight fever and are over it just as fast as they got it.

In the most severe cases people got inflammation of the eye or brain, pneumonia, or even tonsillitis, but these are the rare cases. If you are worried go to your local doctor and let them check you out, it is always better to be safe.

Bartonella Henslae is the bacteria found in “Cat Scratch Fever” and it has been proven. For many years scientists could not prove this but now its without a doubt. This bacteria is normally found in kittens and carried over by a cat scratch or bite, most are kittens that are younger than six months old. Cat Scratch fever is most commonly found in children and adolescents.


Never pick up a stray cat.

Do not provoke a cat or kitten.

If you or your child get scratched or bit then immediately clean the wound.

Get a cat that is older than 1 year old.

Just because you clean the wound immediately does not mean that it will prevent Cat Fever, you can still get it if the cat scratched or bit you. You do not need to get rid of the cat that has caused it but do take it to the vet to figure out the exact reason, this way your cat can get better as well as prevent this from happening again. You do not need to de-claw your cat, it hasnt yet been proven that it is in the nails.

Getting a cat that is one year old or older is a wiser choice for anyone under 17 because of the risk of getting CSF, but this does not mean that they wont get it. They can come into contact with another animal that has it. Remember, it isnt just cats that carry this, it is just it is most commonly known to be in kittens under 6 months old.

If you have other animals this does not mean that it will infect all of them, actually it normally does not carry over into other animals. However, in many cases when you get a pet from the pound that has normally been the most common so be careful and keep a look out for the symptoms. In any event be careful and never leave a wound unclean, take care of yourself and your pet.

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