Celebrate Father’s Day!

In the two weeks preceding Mother’s Day, retail sales of flowers and cards increase. Special dinners are planned and gifts are purchased. Everyone heads out to Sunday worship service as a family to honor those special women in our lives.

The weeks before Father’s Day are usually devoid of such activities. A card or two may be picked up but no where along the lines of the mother-honoring holiday. The importance of a father has waned in the eyes of many. Women can utilize the services of a sperm bank without the father every being aware that he has sired a child. The day set aside to commemorate fathers passes by relatively unnoticed.

Why is that the case? Over the past fifteen years, there has been an outcry against “deadbeat dads”. Women are fighting for the rights of their neglected children. These men are ordered to pay up or suffer the consequences. Society’s focus remains on those who shirk their responsibility instead of countless others who embrace the role of fatherhood. This has given the holiday a lackluster appeal.

Fathers living within the home and those raising children on their own have been lumped in with the rest of the lot. Fathers are an integral part of the family unit. The relationship between a mother and a father give children their first glimpses into the dynamics of the male-female relationship. They also learn that the responsibilities of a father are important. Fathers teach their sons to be strong caring young men with a healthy respect for women. Daughters learn that there are men in this world that can be counted on and trusted.

To those who fulfill this role to the best of their abilities, I salute you. This year, pick up a card, a gift, or just the telephone. Let that father, step-father, grandfather, and special father figure know how much their time and attention mean. Celebrate those men who have made a difference in our lives. Don’t allow the day to pass by in silence. Roll out the red carpet and recognize good men everywhere!

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