The Haunted Aquia Church

The earliest records of the Aquia Church date back February 17th 1754 when it was severely damaged by fire, three days before before its construction was completed. The church was finally competed in 1757. The haunting of the church started with a murder 200 years ago during the time of the revolution.

A young woman was violently murdered by one or more highway men. She was murdered in the chapel and her body was hidden in the belfry. The chapel was not in use and it was several years before her body was found. Her skeletal remains with her long golden hair were discovered and the legend began. Her blood stains where visible of the floor boards for 100 years, until a new cement floor was put in the early 20th century. The most common reported phenomenon is the loud sounds of a struggle, the sound of running up and down the belfry stairs, and the appearance of a terrified woman standing at a window.

One story tells of the Confederate soldier William Fitzhugh and his traveling companion. They were on a scouting mission in either 1862 or 1863. They had heard the story of the haunted church but were tired and stopped for the night. They fell asleep in on of the pews. They were awoken by the sound of foot steps near the back of the church. Then they heard someone whistling the tune “The Campbell’s are Coming”. Frightened they struck a match but could not see anyone, they ran were the sound of foot steps were at the back of the church and looked out the windows. What they saw was a battalion of soldiers coming strait for the church! They leaped of a window and escaped capture.

There is also the story of the 1920’s socialite woman who took an interest in the church. She could not get any of the local men to accompany her to the church at night so she recruited two 1920’s ghost experts. All three entered the Church late on night. Just as the woman entered the church an unseen had slapped her strait across the face! The two men searched the church but could find no one inside. The mark remained on the womans face for days.

Another story which has been told for more than 100 years is the story of a young man on a dare. When no one in the town dared visit the church at night a young man told his friends that he was going to climb the haunted belfry. He took a hammer and nail to drive into the wall as proof of his visit. He set out all alone to the church. When the young man had still not returned hours later his friends set out to find him. The young man did indeed did go to the haunted belfry and drive the nail in the wall. His friends found him dead in the belfry, with the nail through his coat. In the dark he must have nailed through his coat and when he tried to leave found himself stuck fast. He died of fright thinking he was caught by an evil spirit.

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