Trish Stratus Leaves WWE Fans and Vacates Top Diva Slot

A diva can be defined as a woman who possesses a one of a kind skill, the attitude to ward off any challenging force and the beauty to make drooling male fans spend an average of $50 a ticket just to watch. The ladies in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) use this moniker and prove every Monday and Friday night that they are not just a pretty face.
Trish Status, possibly one of the most successful women wrestlers in the WWE, recently announced that her last match will take place at Unforgiven on September 17th, 2006 in Toronto, Canada. The record-holding, six-time Women’s Champion and three-time Babe of the Year states that she is leaving in order to have some time for herself and possibly pursue other ventures. Sadly, there is no secret that women who leave the wrestling world do not have the best post-wrestling careers (i.e. Rena Mero and Joanie Laurer). Earlier this year, she hosted the Canadian Walk of Fame and has appeared on the variety show, MadTV.
With Trish Stratus leaving her seven-year career with the WWE, who would reign as the supreme Monday night diva?
Lita- Rumors have been circulating around on the Internet that this fiery-redhead will be making an exit soon also but if she continues to wrestle, she has proven on numerous occasions that she is a force to reckon with. A three-time Women’s Champion and its current holder, Lita has the wrestling skills to make her the top diva in the business.
Victoria- Although not a weekly wrestler, her wrestling history is one of the most impressive ones of all. Her matches with the soon departing, Trish Stratus has been one of the most memorable rivalries within the Women’s Division. During her total eight-month title reigns, she faced and dominated her competition until losing to Trish Stratus on both occasions.
Mickie James- Yet a relatively newcomer to the WWE, she possesses an extensive background in other wrestling companies. Within her first seven months of serving as Trish’s shadow, she has already won the Championship and retained the title for four months before losing to Lita in an unfair bout. Her competitive and spunky spirit will eventually make her a crowd favorite.
Torrie Wilson- Beginning her wrestling career in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), she successfully made the transition to the WWE in 2001. Following in the path of former Divas, Joanie “Chyna” Laurer and Rena “Sable” Mero, she was not shy to bear all in Playboy, not once but twice. Seen more as eye candy than an actual skilled wrestler, Torrie is a few wrestling classes away from being taken as a real performer.
Candice Michelle- Possibly best known as the girl from the commercials or her recent Playboy pictorial, made her diva debut in 2004. Most of her “matches” consist of lingere’, bikinis and water guns. Not your typical female wrestler but is considered a must-see for the strong male fan base.
Melina- Recently switching from Friday night Smackdown to Monday night Raw, her skills have been more useful outside of the ring than in. She would definitely have to prove herself a lot more (but not as much as Candice Michelle) if she thinks she could be considered a top diva.
From reviewing the Monday night Raw divas, who really has the potential to make it past the “look at my perky, inflated breasts” persona to establishing a more concrete place on the WWE roster? Guess we will have to tune in to find out.

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