The Priceless Freedom – a Carefree Life

The Priceless Freedom – A Carefree Life

There are crests and troughs
As always in life ,
Sometimes it resembles
A la, circle of life.

Eon ago, when man set foot
On this holy earth ,
He wandered as a nomad
With no inhibitions.

He ate, drank and slept
To his heart’s content
Never worried about
Who will attack him.

Neither cared about
What tomorrow holds ,
He lived his moments
Of priceless freedom.

Times have changed…
We look inside ratholes
For our enemies ,
In fear of attack.

We bomb countries ,
Kill innocent civilians
In the name of freedom
And fool ourselves.

We hunt , to avoid
Getting hunted
We wake up , as though
There was no tomorrow.

People can say
Freedom has no price,
Hence lost lives
Are all for a good cause.

Yet , I beg to defy
Freedom is not priceless
If we continue to fear
For the unreasonable.

If , time could rewind
I yearn for those
Invaluable Golden days
Of Priceless Freedom.

Created By
Shantha Shanmugham

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