Reality TV Show Idea : Americans Vote on Pets for President

It seems as though reality tv shows today are a dime a dozen. Sure, the first few were fun and exciting, and there are still a few that remain, but others seem to be a waste of an hour. To bring life back into the reality tv show realm, I propose that we have a tv show where pets are voted for our future president.

I have many friends and family members whose pets seem to run the household, mine included. My cat not only has me in the palm of his paw, but I am up at the crack of dawn when he wants food. When I try to sleep at night, he is curled up at my feet. Instead of moving him off of the bed, I am terrified of waking him up, so I contort my body into such a position that I know that I will be in pain when I wake up. How amazing would that be if we had a pet for president? We’d all become a society where we bend over backwards for our president..and we are happy to do it.

Let’s face it…no matter how many times you get after a pet for tearing up your favorite pair of shoes, our pets still love us. You can yell at them, and yet thirty minutes later, they want us to play with them. How wonderful would it be to have a pet for president that we can be mad at, and yet forgive a short while later, all the while loving them?

What about cleaning up after a pet president, you say? Well, that will not be hard to do as our nation is constantly having to clean up for the messes that the previous and current presidential cabinets make. Not only is cleaning up after your pets a statue of law in many city parks, but it seems as though cleaning up after human presidents is an ongoing process, too. In the long run, the entire cleaning up of a pet president would run hand in hand with a human one.

Americans can watch the reality tv show from the comfort of their own home. The best behaved, most loved pets from all over the country would have a shot at running for president. Americans can call in and vote for their favorite pet within a two hour period, thus reducing the need for having to go to a voting location. A call in vote for the pet president can also eliminate ballot box stuffing, hanging chads on voters ballots, and more importantly, save millions of Americans money on gas as they can call from the comfort of their own home. However, voters would be limited to one call per household to ensure that there is not an unfair amount of calls for any one pet candidate.

Instead of being subjected to months and months of presidential campaigns on television, the pet candidates would be featured on trailers for the upcoming show. These trailers would only air on commercials during evening programs. Once the hour long pet president program is on, voters call in, and 24 hours later, there is not only a clear winner for pet president, but there is also a marginal percentage revealed between candidates, as well as how many votes were called in per pet. This technique is not only ingenious, but can easily provide little, if any, room for error.

Clearly, having a reality show where Americans call in to vote for a pet president makes much sense. Not only can any pet run, from dogs to cats, horses to pigs, but the age of the pet does not matter. As a matter of fact, I just might have my cat run for pet president…as soon as I finish feeding him.

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